China's high-end epoxy adhesive has a broad development prospect and a large space. The multinational companies that dominate the high-end adhesives market in the world, in order to ensure the leading position of global international companies, strive to maintain and expand market share, in recent years, they have exhausted all means to seize the emerging markets in Asia. For this reason, in the Asian market dominated by China, A series of mergers, reorganizations, joint ventures, and acquisitions were carried out to promote the supply and demand of the Chinese adhesive market, and the pace of the peaceful product structure to accelerate to the high-end market. To this end, the total amount of China's adhesive output has increased by about 12% in recent years, but the total value of output has increased at a rate of about 25%, making the world look. It shows that the structural adjustment of the adhesive industry to increase the proportion of high-end products has been effective. Although this year, it was hit by the financial turmoil, but due to the tilt of the Chinese government's bailout plan to the basic construction, the demand for epoxy high-end rubber grades such as building structural adhesives has increased greatly, and the export tax reduction of the electrical and electronic industries has increased. Although the growth rate of total adhesive production will be lowered, the growth rate of high-end adhesives will not fall, and it is likely to rise against the market in the next two years. Due to the enforcement of national environmental protection and energy conservation regulations, the concealed materials of steel bars and other high-rise buildings must be forcibly treated. The national standards for building structural adhesives will soon be introduced. High-performance rubber seed demand will be more than usual. In 2009, high-performance epoxy building structural adhesive will still lead the market growth of China's high-end adhesives market, and this growth trend will last for a long time. During the period from 2009 to 2010, there is no solvent. High-performance epoxy adhesives for construction, and coatings will consume more than 50% of China's epoxy resin capacity, and will continue to grow year by year. To reach more than 60% of the international synchronization, the key depends on whether the research and development level of high-end quality adhesives in China can be followed up. In 2008, China's epoxy resin industry was an extraordinary year. From the large-scale snow disaster in the south of the country to the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan to the floods in the south, to the Sanlu milk powder incident that shocked the world, it has become increasingly fierce. The financial crisis, as well as the world-famous Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, "Shenzhou VII" achieved perfect flying, and so many earth-shattering events emerged endlessly. These events have had a profound impact on China's economy. DD It is well known that the development of the epoxy resin industry is closely related to the development of related industries.

Compared with the economic data of 2008, most of the related industries closely related to epoxy resin have different degrees of growth. However, the domestic epoxy resin industry has experienced great ups and downs under the influence of this situation. The price of the product has risen to the highest level in history, and it has suddenly faced the dilemma of falling into a trough. It is very difficult to understand from the surface phenomenon. In fact, in 2008, the development of epoxy resin-related industries was extremely slow, and the epoxy resin market has undergone major changes. In 2008, the production and application of epoxy system materials have withstood new tests and ushered in history. The first negative growth; however, the amount of epoxy resin used in epoxy system materials in 2009 may return to 2007 levels. Last year, the industries closely related to epoxy system materials increased more or less, but the development of epoxy system materials production and application is not commensurate with this, and the development of high-end epoxy adhesives is also true. To achieve the goal of high-end epoxy adhesive development, pay attention to the coordinated development of epoxy resin, curing agent, additives and raw materials; strengthen the research and development of special epoxy resin, especially for outdoor use, environmentally friendly epoxy Supporting supply of resin, curing agent and auxiliary agent; strengthen technical exchange and communicate market information. Avoid blind or repeated projects, resulting in waste of time, manpower, material resources, capital and resources; strengthen research on environmentally friendly processes, actively improve epoxy resin production processes, and reduce environmental pollution.

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