Children's beds with a price of tens of thousands of yuan claim to use all Nordic natural solid wood, environmentally friendly UV finish without formaldehyde and other harmful substances, in line with the European children's toy testing standards, "even if the baby bites, there will be no harm to the body" Is this really the case with this kind of children's bed?

This year, the newly-developed "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" standard is expected to be approved for publication. This standard is the first national mandatory standard for children's furniture in the country.

Price: One meter wide small bed bids seven or eight thousand

There are already children's furniture stores in Hangcheng Wulin commercial district. The eye-catching focus is on children's furniture imported from Denmark, known as the number one brand in Europe. When I walked into the store, I saw that these children's furniture sheets had a natural pine pattern, and I couldn't smell the odors often found in new furniture. The salesperson introduced that the products here, except for home textiles such as mattresses, are imported from Denmark. All the Nordic natural solid wood is used, and the surface is painted with environmentally friendly UV topcoat, without formaldehyde pollution. "Environmental protection and quality are absolutely guaranteed."

Children's bed is the main product here. However, the value as "Europe's No. 1 brand" is also extraordinary. A small bed about one meter wide, with a small staircase, will cost seven or eight thousand; the double-layered child and mother bed, the price is as high as more than 13,000 yuan, even if it is converted according to the lowest discount of eight or five, it must be paid 1 Ten thousand yuan.

Although the salesperson did not disclose the specific sales volume, it is said to be quite pretty. The goods here need to be ordered after fancy, generally it takes 3 months to arrive, "the fastest shipping by air also takes 1 month."


All of them play the "natural environmental protection" card

With European and American first-line brand children's furniture as an example, in recent years, the domestic furniture market has also rushed to the fore, hitting environmental protection and health brands, and competing to launch children's furniture.

The reporter visited the Hangcheng furniture market before and found that almost all furniture markets have children's furniture counters, and some brands have as many as ten kinds. The materials and prices of these children's furniture vary. However, they all claimed to be "natural and environmentally friendly". From the perspective of materials, there are those who import Nordic pine, Russian pine, Brazilian pine, and Northeast pine. From the price point of view, there are both imported high-end goods higher than 10,000 yuan, and "special price children's beds" that can be bought for more than 1,000 yuan. The price difference is as much as ten times.


Well-known domestic furniture brand "Zhongzhao"

"Is the quality of such expensive children's furniture good?" The reporter saw such a question at a home forum yesterday.

"Furniture that can be gnawed? I also have furniture made of natural solid wood, but who dares to gnaw it!" Many people feel that "the price is too expensive", "Secondly, buy domestic pine furniture, a set of high and low The bed, less than 3,000 yuan, looks good too. "

However, there are also many young parents who find out where they can buy such furniture on the Internet, "The child is going to kindergarten and wants to buy him a single bed. I heard that pine furniture is the most environmentally friendly and popular. What brand should I buy?" Price High and low, although it is a big factor for young parents to struggle. However, whether the purchased products are as reliable as the merchants advertise is a question that parents are confused about.

In fact, "Every time the quality supervision department conducts random inspections, there must be products that fail." It seems to have become a "law" in the children's furniture industry. According to incomplete statistics, in the past two years, there have been more than 40 children's furniture manufacturers with a certain reputation in China who have "wrestled" in various quality inspections. In the first half of last year alone, there were more than 20 children's furniture manufacturers exposed by the quality supervision department in the country, including many well-known domestic brands. In June last year, a result of a comparative inspection of cribs published in Shanghai showed that a total of 7 out of 17 random inspection products did not meet the standards. The results of the random inspection of children's furniture released by the Guangdong Quality Supervision Bureau showed that the qualification rate of 62 batches of children's furniture was only 67.7%, two batches of children's furniture exceeded the heavy metal standard, and three batches of children's furniture exceeded the standard of formaldehyde emissions. The heavy metals in furniture are mainly lead, cadmium, chromium, etc., and one of the children's bedside cabinets has a measured value of soluble lead nearly 40 times higher than the standard.

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