Everyone is familiar with the hotel, which is generally provided for friends who travel and travel. The most important thing in the renovation of a business hotel is the decoration of the room. How the decoration can directly affect the grade of the hotel and the business of the hotel. But we like how the decoration of high-grade hotel it? So business hotel decoration design time and we need to pay attention to what? Decoration of home decoration today Xiaobian just like to take a look at business hotel decoration design and decoration skills Be careful!


Business hotel decoration design skills


The guest room is from the door of the room. It is important to keep this in mind. The public corridor should focus on the door of the room (the purpose lighting). The corners of the door frame and the door side wall are easily damaged. The design needs to be considered for protection. The steel door frame should be a good method, no deformation, impact resistance. In addition, the design of the door should focus on the performance, and the wooden inside the room. The design language of furniture or color is related to each other. The width of the door leaf is 880-900mm. If it is not possible, the scale must be mastered when designing the furniture.


The regular room building design will form a small corridor of 1.0-1.2 meters wide at the entrance, and the back side of the door is an in-wall closet. We recommend that if there are conditions, the wardrobe will be arranged on the side of the sleeping area as much as possible, and the guests will feel very convenient, and also solve the narrow space in the door to accommodate too many functions, resulting in inconvenient use. Of course, the wardrobe at the entrance can also be done, especially in rooms with small spaces. Some budget-small budget rooms can even be omitted without the wardrobe door.


In the past, the function of the customer in the design of business standard rooms was slowly weakening. From the perspective of the guest, he wants the room to be private and completely free. There are various inconveniences in bringing visitors into the room in the future. From the point of view of the hotel operator, it is certainly not as good as meeting guests in the hotel to meet guests in the hotel. The latter produces efficiency, why not? This shift creates room for the room to be more comfortable and comfortable.

Guest room

The largest functional area of ​​the entire room. Bedside screens and bedside tables have become the core issues of design. In order to meet the needs of different guests, it is also convenient for hotel sales. It is recommended that there is no bedside table between the two beds or a simple countertop device, which can be folded and folded when needed. As for the centralized control panel, don't mention it again. This is the most out of the room. The bedside table can be set up on both sides of the bed, because it is very simple and convenient to use, it must be too complicated. The back screen and wall of the bed are relatively complete areas in the room, which can be emphasized.


Business hotel decoration design considerations

Simple, not complicated

Business hotel decoration can not be too complicated, the application of the simplest and most easy-to-understand language, the theme of the business hotel decoration is perfectly displayed to the target customers, and to seize the special features of other hotels, through the decoration of the hotel The theme is effectively distinguished from the opponent, and such decoration is the most effective business hotel.

Strong cultural connotation

Business hotels with higher grades need to cater to the cultural needs of various customers. This requires business hotels to carefully study their audiences when choosing a decoration style, and develop appropriate decoration styles and renovation plans.

design concept

Only by insisting on people-oriented, can customers enjoy more thoughtful services. In view of the characteristics of the business hotel itself, it is different from the general hotel. Therefore, the design of the business hotel should be focused on the design of the room. Try to make the customer feel the feeling of home and make the customer feel warm and comfortable.

When the business hotel is renovated, we need to decorate the feeling of being at home. The above is the business hotel decoration design skills and decoration considerations introduced by Xiaobian today. It is over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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