With the increase in housing area, many children now have their own independent space, so the children's room decoration attention is stronger year after year, but in the end how to install, how to fit the child's healthy growth, many parents also Not very clear, in fact, children's room decoration can pay attention to two points.

Putting safety and utility first

With the diversity of decoration styles, the decoration of children's rooms has also shown a diversified development trend in the past two years. Many parents did not attach importance to the decoration of children's rooms. The general performance was that the boy's room was only painted with blue paint on the walls, and the girl was painted pink paint. Now it is different. The removal of raw materials is very particular, and the layout of the walls is also varied. . According to Dong Yi Risheng's designer Mr. Che, on the basis of diversification, practicality and safety are the main points of children's room decoration. The child's room uses as few metal sharp objects as possible, and the fewer power lines, the better. It is best to hide it. The handles on the table and drawer must be considered for safety. Based on safety and practicality, consider interest again. Small children like to crawl on the ground. They can design a floor space for children. Some children like to paint on the wall. They can design a washable wall for children to paint. Larger children's boys can use sports wallpaper on the room wallpaper, for example, there can be polo playing patterns, various movement patterns, etc. Girls can choose some nice flowers, or cute little animals, etc. This design has a kind of playfulness, more suitable for children's room.

The fewer processing steps, the better

According to insiders, with the improvement of living standards, the attention of children's rooms is stronger year after year, but there are not many parents who have made specific requests for children's rooms during the renovation. This is mainly due to the renovation of the children's room. At the beginning, many parents did not know enough. According to Mr. Xing of the Yaguangya Decoration Market Department, parents who care about environmental issues in the decoration of children's rooms will be placed in the first place. This is the issue that parents are most concerned about. However, the characteristics of how to be environmentally friendly and suitable for children need to be specially considered by the designers because the decoration of the children's room is a specific decoration space layout during the entire renovation process. First of all, the decoration of the children's room should comply with the overall layout of the room and the overall style, and then consider the characteristics of the children's room. In order to reduce the pollution caused by the decoration to the children, the children's room decoration in the construction process and processing processes, the fewer the better, because many materials contain more or less some harmful substances, the processing process will increase the chemical composition of pollution. In the selection of materials to be based on natural and solid wood. At the same time, consideration should be given to lighting and ventilation. The corners of the rooms in the decoration are mainly round.

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