Direct-axis swash plate piston pump with plate from the material selection, machining technology, heat treatment specifications have higher requirements. The fault occurred in the distribution plate mostly with plate wear, bite disk or even burn disk, resulting in the distribution plate with the cylinder with the plane, the plate with the pump with the match between the flow plane is not appropriate, reducing the sealing performance, resulting in leakage. The main performance: the pump can not afford to raise pressure or pressure rise, the pump does not fight oil or lack of fuel. For the hair, less serious wear and tear of the plate can be used to manually repair the grinding method to solve, the specific method is: grind the first before the flow plate roughening or uneven with fine stone to push it flat, grinding more than two precision Plate, grinding agent selection of grain size number W10 alumina powder as abrasive, and then add 10 # mechanical oil can be fitted with the surface of the plate with a suitable force push grinding mill, grinding and repaired with the flow Dish with kerosene cleaning, polishing, the surface roughness should reach Ra0.16, flatness should reach less than 0.005mm. If the distribution plate wear more serious, burning and yellowing parts annealing, you must replace the distribution plate. The reason of the disk-burning is that the oil film between the cylinder body and the valve plate is damaged, causing the metal to be in direct contact with the metal. The cylinder body and the valve plate have high-speed rotation movement. The direct contact of the metal causes a lot of frictional heat, Overheating of the body and the distribution plate leads to changes in the material structure, resulting in bite and bond, further aggravating wear and friction and eventually cracking or burning of the metal.

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