On the 20th, the reporter learned from the "12365" Complaint Reporting Acceptance Center of the Yinchuan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau that from January to February, the center received more complaints and reports from the Yinchuan market security door.

The Yinchuan Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau resolved 315 product quality complaint consultations in the first two months of this year. The complaint consultation telephone reflected that there were more anti-theft doors sold in the Yinchuan market. The main problem is that there are so many anti-theft doors that there is no way to distinguish between them. Experts of Ningxia Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute suggest that the anti-theft door implements strict national standards, and the cost is more than six or seven hundred yuan. In order to reduce costs and evade the inspection of anti-theft doors, some small enterprises play word games and change products, called "safety doors", "steel doors" and "fire doors", etc. These metal entry doors are in practical use There is no anti-theft function at all, and there are no such product regulations in the national standards, and the quality standards are formulated by the enterprises themselves. Compared with anti-theft doors, metal entrance doors, steel door frames, door leaves and locks lack reinforcement plates and ribs around them. The steel plates used are very thin. The prepared locks do not basically have anti-theft functions. Experts suggest that consumers choose the brand anti-theft door when purchasing anti-theft door.

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