“My colleague said a sad story to me today. Before his mother was hospitalized and the food was not tasted, colleagues planned to give her a braised braised fish. When the fish was not ripe, he turned over and the fish were all gone. Where have you been?
Fully sticky bottom. “What Mother's Day to Send to Mother” and “ What Father's Day to Send to Daddy” have been estimated to have surpassed “What Valentine's Day gives lover” and become the two most difficult gift problems besides “leadership birthday to leaders”. Because it's not easy to think of gifts and really buy them.
Sending jewelry to a bag is too expensive. Mom must say that you are wasting money, and you are not willing to wear it. Send flowers to yourself and feel cold. Xiao Bian thought for a while. It would be better to send a non-stick pan . ”
Before we buy a good non-stick pan, we need to understand the basics first.
There are two main types of non-stick pans :
1. Use a special material to make “coating” on the bottom surface of the pan to achieve non-stick effect by isolating melanoidin.

2, by improving the physical form of the bottom of the pot, such as increasing the bulge in the bottom of the pot to eliminate local hot spots, thereby inhibiting the Maillard reaction (generate melanoidin, leading to sticky pan), to achieve a non-stick effect. But in fact, these bulges increased the local hot spots, and the result was counterproductive. So the second type basically can pass.

The first type of coating non-stick pans is subdivided into two types :
1, organic coating non-stick
One of the non-stick properties of the coating is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon . Teflon has a high degree of corrosion resistance and an ultra-low coefficient of friction. So imagine that you know it's really not sticky. However, due to the low coefficient of friction, Teflon is very resistant to wear, even if you use a wood or silicone spatula. Under Chinese high-temperature and oily cooking methods, the coating was lost for about a year.

However, as far as people are concerned about the toxic decomposition of chemical substances, it does not have to be too nervous. Because Teflon is very stable at normal temperatures and under normal conditions, it is safe at temperatures not exceeding 260 degrees Celsius, and the coating will decompose when the temperature exceeds 350 degrees Celsius. General cooking will not exceed this range.
2, inorganic coating non-stick
In order to solve the problem of poor durability of organic coatings, inorganic coatings have been developed. Inorganic coating generally refers to the use of a mixture of ceramic, sapphire, a variety of ore coating material, the most common is the outside of the ceramic. Since the inorganic coating does not contain PTFE, the risk of carcinogens after heating is further eliminated, and the scratch resistance of the coating is further improved. However, for the personal experience of Xiao Bian, the non-stick effect of inorganic coatings is not as good as that of Teflon.
Let's take a look at product recommendations.
The German WOLL non-stick pan is well-known. The sapphire series is priced around 600-700, and there are also 1000+ and 2000+ different price series.
There are many tap water on the Internet as WOLL volunteer advertisements. Some people have been saying that it is easy to use, but some people have found problems after one month of use and can't find after-sales services.

For this small series, we can only say that we cannot blindly believe that foreign big names are imported. The so-called imports are not necessarily better than domestic ones, let alone they may not be imported at all. Non-stick pans can be considered consumables for the Chinese, because we like to fry and fry all kinds of stir-fried meat. So price is indeed a matter of opinion. It is absolutely not cheap and not too expensive .

Supor red dot smoke-free non-stick wok <br style="box-sizing: border-box;"> Supor's product sales in Jingdong has always been a superstar, the price is basically between 100-400, users rating cost Super high, the craft is not worse than big.
IKEA / IKEA 施德佳煎锅 <br style="box-sizing: border-box;">The diameter of 24 cm, height 4 cm pot, basically can only be used to fry omelette or something, the price is only 7.9 yuan is very frightening . In fact, Xiao Bian has not tried, but the Internet generally gave praise.
Germany Fissler has a long history, the quality of pots is indeed guaranteed, the price is generally around 1,000 yuan. Ceramic coated flat-bottom nonstick frying pan, Reshuffle sanding process was applied to the bottom of the pan, and ceramic particles were sprayed on the surface of the pan three times.

There is also a Fissler non-stick Chinese wok with PFOA coating.

German Zwilling Zwilling nonstick non-cooked pot Chinese style wok <br style="box-sizing: border-box;">Shuang Liren is indeed more than a forced grid of the brand, the tool is more famous than the pot, but this The evaluation of the pot is generally better, but it is more expensive, 1500+.

Non-stick pans are also well-maintained, and even the best non-stick pans are certainly not enough for 1 year. So Xiaobian recommends using only non-stick pans to make things that are easy to stick to the pan. Absolutely can't be hot and oily. Use wooden spoons instead of iron spoons, rub with a rag instead of a steel brush. The most important thing is to help your mother brush your pan . ”

Inorganic materials

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