The most ideal color tone in the bathroom is pink, for example: pink, light green, light blue and peach. The second is the cream color, or some neutral colors, such as black and white. Accessories such as ornaments and towels can choose a strong contrasting color system.

Whether you prefer a simple shower or enjoy the fun of bathing in the bathtub, the bathroom is undoubtedly a happy paradise for people to release their stress from life.

In general, the space in the bathroom is not too large, so even if you use more expensive high-grade materials and design when decorating, it will not increase the budget too much.

But the problem is that the location of the bathroom and toilet is often beyond our choice. Having said that, we can still find ways to cope with feng shui, for example: use decoration to strengthen good corners in the bathroom and improve bad corners. The main premise is that it must be well ventilated to avoid humid air and stagnant airflow.

The ideal bathroom location should be on the side of the house, the most bogey is in the middle of the house. The toilet location is as far away from the door as possible to avoid being washed away as soon as the door enters. For toilets in poor locations, the easiest way to improve is to always cover the toilet at all times. Furthermore, try to use any screen or curtain to separate it from other parts of the room or hall The bathroom door should be closed at any time.

Potted power

Compared to the past, there are usually more than one bathroom in the house. In feng shui, the water owner is wealth, so the number of bathrooms, toilets and water pipes will affect the wealth of the residents. A bathroom with a bad Feng Shui position, for example, a bathroom located in the southeast, will wash away the vigour of the home and ruin wealth.

Potted plants can help to improve this situation, and placing some green leafy plants in places with too much water energy can help maintain balance, because wood "absorbs" water. Potted plants can also make the room feel fresher and more energetic, while improving the stagnation of airflow. In a smoky bathroom, potted plants help absorb excess moisture, so the plants in the bathroom generally grow particularly well.

If the bathroom does not have an external window, then Tsang can hang a mirror on the wall to form an imaginary space. In addition, the mirror can accelerate the flow of air energy. For the bathroom, it has a positive effect, because the bathroom is most resistant to air circulation.

The most ideal color tone in the bathroom is pink, for example: pink, light green, light blue and peach. The second is the cream color, or some neutral colors, such as black and white. Accessories such as ornaments and towels can choose a strong contrasting color system.

The treatment of the walls should be as imaginative as possible, or as simple as possible. Applying a layer of paint to the concrete wall will add warmth to the bathroom, while mosaic glass tiles, carved tiles, even tongue and groove treatments can make the wall design more interesting.

Simple and not cluttered

Clutter is a taboo in Feng Shui in the bathroom, because it will make the air stagnation difficult; the most ideal bathrooms are those with simple furnishings, simple design, and good ventilation. The floor surface must be made of materials with good water resistance and easy to clean; generally speaking, hard wood, marble, ceramic tiles and vinyl synthetic materials are better, and soft blankets are more inappropriate. The flow of air and energy will be affected by the materials used, and different floor materials will also produce different effects. For example, marble, granite, and other hard, smooth surfaces will accelerate the flow of gas energy, especially in the case of crystal, bright, and discerning people, the effect is better. They help create a more exciting environment—an environment that avoids stagnation.


Good lighting is the most basic requirement, because bright light can enhance the flow of gas. In front of the makeup mirror, it is especially suitable for halogen lamps with good projection effect.

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