When the dust collector is difficult to block and there is an attack, why do you have such a problem? By summing up, most of them are due to the fact that the dust is not fully considered before planning, and the high filtering wind speed is selected blindly to reduce the capital contribution of the equipment. First choose a good bag filter, you must correctly understand and remove the connection between dust power and filtration wind speed, cleaning function, filter resistance.

Among the several parameters of the dust collector, the filtering wind speed is the most important. The first thing to know is the nature of dusty gas and dust.

1. Know the bulk density or bulk specific gravity of the dust, that is, the dust content per unit volume. The unit volume between them includes the volume of the dust particles themselves, the micropores of the dust particles themselves adsorbed by the dust particles, the volume of the air, and the open space between the dust particles. Clarifying the bulk density of dust is of great significance for ventilation and dust removal, because it has close contact with the dust cleaning function.

2, to know the chemical and physical properties of dusty gases, such as moisture content, temperature, chemical composition and properties. The determination of these parameters has direct and direct contact with the dust removal additional disposal method and the selection of the filtration wind speed. If the dusty gas is rich in chemical components such as chloride, the chloride is usually easy to “suck up”. If no additional measures are adopted, the dust bag can be “packed”.

3, to know the particle size of the dust. The particle size of dust is its base characteristic. It is a composition composed of particles of different particle sizes. It is not acceptable to simply characterize such aggregates with uniform particle size.

4. Know the viscosity of the dust. Viscosity is a property that attracts between dust or between the dust and the surface molecules of the object. For bag filters, the effect of viscosity is even more outstanding, as the dust removal power and filtration resistance depend to a large extent on the ability to remove dust from the filter material.

In the planning process, there are still relevant parameters that cannot be ignored. It is necessary to know that all the above four aspects of data are accurately collected. From the current practice of dust removal equipment planning in China, there are certain difficulties in objectiveness.

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