With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are beginning to promote environmental protection decoration . So what does environmental protection decoration mean? Can it really be environmental protection? How can we achieve true environmental protection in the renovation? Edited for everyone to briefly explain what the environmental protection decoration refers to, how to do the decoration of the house environmental protection content.

What does eco-friendly decoration mean?

Environmental decoration refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials to decorate houses, minimizing the damage to the environment, and the interior of a renovated house can meet national standards.

However, environmental protection decoration does not mean real environmental protection. In the process of housing renovation, pollution is unavoidable. Environmental protection decoration is only relatively environmentally friendly.

How to do environmental protection for house decoration

1, design

The indoor environmental protection design usually adopts the interior design outdoor technique. Through the transformation of the indoor housing structure, the interior is more transparent and the owners enjoy more sunshine and fresh air. Indoor air outdoorization, of course, green plants potted plants, through the use of indoor green potted plants, bonsai, water features, flower arrangements and other methods, so that vibrant interior, and then through the use of natural colors and natural materials, giving a feeling of being exposed to the outdoors. This design also improves the indoor air quality to a certain extent, making the owners more comfortable.

2, material selection

In addition to design, the selection of environmentally-friendly materials for decoration and environmentally-friendly furniture is also an effective way. When we carry out house decoration, we try to use environmentally-friendly materials, such as natural wallpaper, floor tiles, natural stone, etc. We also try to select products with soft cotton, linen, and other materials as soft-decorative materials such as curtains.

Furniture, there will be formaldehyde and other harmful gases, when we choose the furniture, we must ask the business product testing report, environmental certification and other related documents. The environmental protection of furniture is also reflected in the plates. There are three standards for plates: E2, E1, and E0. E2 is in line with national standards. E0 is the world's most environmentally friendly standard. If the conditions permit, it is best to choose E1 or more plates.

3, construction

Non-standard construction techniques will also increase indoor pollution. When we are decorating, we can choose a formal decoration company for renovation.

4, indoor air testing

Doing a good indoor environment test is the final procedure for building a green home. After the new house is renovated, the owner can first find a qualified indoor environmental monitoring department to conduct the pollution detection, how to find the pollution exceeding the standard, and select different purification equipment such as air purifier and ozone sterilizer according to different pollution sources. Indoor ventilation.

Xiao Bian summed up: The above is what Xiaobian introduced about environmental protection decoration refers to what, how to complete the environmental protection of housing renovation, and hope that after reading this article, can provide reference and help for everyone.

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