Oliver Mark, author of "The Psychology of the House," believes that the basic intent of human dwellings comes from the "maternal womb." From ancient rock-painted caves, animal bone tents to dry hurdles and ancient Roman Domes, after the modern city's innovation in human settlements, despite the time and sea, human beings are always looking for a symbolic home and continue to discuss it Transformation form.

What is the city

Is a container

Embrace the space where everyone lives and works

Is history

Time spanning thousands of years in ticks

Is life

In the process of polishing and continuation from generation to generation

Day and night living creatures

You see the city, the city also sees you


With such thinking

We confirmed that this autumn exhibition

Theme of MINI series featured exhibition area

" MINI City "


The overall theme of the "MINI City" exhibition area is a microcosm of a city with a modern and futuristic background.

The overall space display of nearly 20 different participating brands, the interpretation of various styles of life scenes, the brilliant MINI city is not only a microcosm of a city, but also a new exhibition that combines design creativity, real-world experience, and trade negotiation .

The following are some participating brands:

Through the combination of visual effects and space atmosphere, MINI City brings the extension of content to the function of the space and the optimization of the experience.

Our focus is not only on how to express the current cutting-edge trends of human settlements, but also on studying the past, present and future ideal life pictures, the relationship between residence and the city, the intelligent change of life and the growth of the city, and more importantly consider the future In the new era, there is another possibility for home and city.

In the context of design, MINI City breaks the traditional stereotyped city impression and downplays the concrete expression.

The concept of the city is blurred, but it is stretched and expanded through different scenes, giving people a different look and feel and enriching the emotional experience .

By refining the relevant elements of the city and adopting surrealistic design techniques, the space is full of dynamic flexibility and observability, and at the same time, it is a "city · space · people" theme space with the spirit of exploring the future.

In terms of overall form, "MINI City" adopts the combination of single building complex + ecological plaza, integrating "independent space" and "outdoor park" into the whole , combining dynamic landscape and design tonality to shape the miniature of the future city.

The waterfall-style miniatures at the entrance are arranged up and down in a mixed arrangement, which blurs the fixed feeling of the traditional physical space boundary and forms an irregularly arranged display surface.

In terms of overall spatial color, this year's latest international popular color trends are extracted to echo and cooperate with the macro theme of this year's "Dongguan International Design Week".

In terms of the construction of the exhibition area, a number of small booths of 60-90 square meters are set around the center area, highlighting the goodness of each booth.

The content of the exhibition is mainly high-end customization, creative materials, etc., equipped with display installation area, investment negotiation area, live broadcast room and public art installation, providing an interactive and inclusive display platform for exhibitors, and providing a future lifestyle for the audience Explore and experience.

In terms of geometry, the boundary is a line without thickness.

For cities, the boundary is the range defined by the city.

For this "MINI City" theme exhibition is to break the physical boundaries to design as a connecting way up to become the starting point to explore the future of the living environment is our biggest goal.

On July 7, 2019, the "MINI City" special exhibition area jointly created by the organizing committee and Minghantang Design will be unveiled at the 2019 China Full House Customization Exhibition and Dongguan International Design Week!

Through multi-category exhibitions and a living space where the city is full of futuristic technology and a warm life, the audience can regain the tentacles of perception, feel the warmth of the city, and fully experience the life without borders.

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