The living room, as the home meeting place, is the face of the family; as the gathering place of the family, it is the center of family love and family joy. Therefore, its feng shui is related to the fortune of a family's overall fortune. The development of the family's career, the quality of wealth and fortune, the depth of the couple's feelings, the fortune of the children's schooling, and the health of the family are all closely related to the living room feng shui.

There are many sayings about feng shui in the living room. Based on many years of practice, I have summarized the eight advantages and disadvantages of feng shui in the living room for your reference:

Living room Fengshui Bayi:

1. The living room should be square

The layout of the living room is preferably square or rectangular,

If there is a protruding corner, you can decorate the bonsai or furniture. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas with furniture, and treated as two separate rooms.

Second, the air flow in the living room should be smooth

Make sure that the air circulates smoothly in the living room, and that there are no dead spots where filthy gas can accumulate.

Third, the living room should be bright

Fengshui theory first focuses on "Ming Hall Darkroom". The Feng Shui in the living room is full of sunshine and bright lights, and the bright living room is in good luck. The living room should not choose too dark tones, so as not to bring bleak family luck. Potted plants that are too high or too dense should not be on the balcony to avoid obstructing the light.

Fourth, the living room should use more round shaped decorative objects

The living room is where family and friends meet, and it is necessary to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. The circular lighting, ceiling shapes, and decorations give a warm feeling psychologically, which is in line with such requirements.

5. The living room should be located at the front of the house

After entering the room, the living room is the best first. The bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be located at the back of the house.

If the living room is set at the rear, people need to pass through other rooms to enter the living room, which is not only inconvenient, but also causes a pattern of retreating money, which is easy to make money go downhill.

6. The living room floor should be flat

Feng Shui theory believes that uneven floors have a bumpy future meaning, and uneven floors are also prone to accidents, and accidentally fall down. Long-term mental stress will lead to mental depression.

7. The living room should be neat and tidy

The living room is also the facade of the house, and the owner's personality and taste can be seen from its decoration. In general, the living room should feel comfortable and elegant, not messy

8. Entrance door and living room should be set with entrance

The feng shui formula is "like to maneuver and avoid going straight". Between the gate and the living room, a porch or a low cabinet can be set up to buffer the inside and outside, and the qi can be turned around and gathered in the living room.

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