There is a big event at home recently - because the old water heater is already in its teens, I plan to change it to a new one!

But the question is coming! What kind of change do we have to change?

The water heaters on the market are mainly electric water heaters and gas water heaters. Each has its own characteristics, each has its own advantages, and each has its own drawbacks!

So, which one should I choose?

Gas water heater

The gas water heater belongs to the instant hot type, and does not need to be preheated for a long time, and basically can meet the demand that the hot water can be used at any time. And the amount of hot water is not limited.

Gas water heaters on the market are generally small in size and can adapt to the kitchen of various environments, not occupying a lot of space!

However, since the gas water heater is to be installed in the kitchen, if it is far away from the bathroom, it may cause the hot water to be slower when taking a bath. In addition, gas water heaters are greatly affected by water pressure, so gas water heaters are not recommended for high-rises.

Since gas water heaters use natural gas as fuel, some water heaters with poor quality may cause gas leakage and cause safety hazards.

In addition, since the temperature adjustment of the gas water heater needs to be performed on the water heater, there is a possibility that the temperature adjustment is inconvenient.

2. Electric water heater

The electric water heater heats the cold water in the water storage tank through the heating rod, so it is safer and cleaner than the gas. At the same time, due to the electric heating method, the installation restrictions are small, and can be installed as long as there is electricity.

However, compared with gas water heaters, electric water heaters are generally larger in size and require a larger space for placement.

Because of the mode of electric heating, it is relatively expensive.

The most important thing is that it takes a long time to warm up before use to heat the cold water. Moreover, the general electric water heaters are all water storage type, and the water quantity is limited.

In the previous section, we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of gas water heaters and electric water heaters. Then, when we choose water heaters, which one should we choose?

Xiaobian privately believes that the two water heaters are now mature, and there is no such thing as better quality.

First, we must adapt to local conditions

For a chestnut, my home is an old house, the decoration is very early, the kitchen is full, and there is no room for a gas water heater, and there is just one space for the electric water heater on the outside wall of the bathroom, there is a socket next to it! So even gas There are many advantages of water heaters, and the home will still choose electric water heaters.

2. Second is based on individual needs

Give another chestnut, if you need an environment with hot water anytime, anywhere, no matter bathing, washing vegetables, washing dishes... then you need to choose a gas water heater because of its instant heat characteristics. Can meet your needs, and electric water heaters will not work.

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