The nanotowel fiber has a fineness of only 1/200 of the hair. Ultra-fine, super soft, long life. It is a nano-scale high-tech product. It is a stylish and updated cleaning daily necessities.

Nano towel has six remarkable features: high water absorption (30% more water than ordinary towels), strong decontamination (can clean skin pores, can replace facial cleanser products), easy to wash, no bleaching, no falling hair, long life .

Washable and highly effective antibacterial

After washing the nano towel for 50 times, the antibacterial rate can still be maintained above 99%, so that the moist towel is no longer a hotbed of bacteria attachment and transmission.

Prevention of skin diseases

In addition to effectively killing the bacteria attached to the towel, it also has a good antibacterial ability against the bacteria in the shallow layer of the skin. It can be used to prevent dermatitis, rash, acne caused by bacteria.

Beauty skin care

Applying hot skin to the face can effectively prevent the epidemics of harmful bacteria on the face, accelerate the shedding of dry hard skin, promote the growth of new and tender skin, and keep the skin of the face bright and healthy.

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