Everyone in the decoration process will encounter such a problem, how high is the waterproof bathroom , and some people who are not professionals do not have a certain concept of this kind of professional problem, then let Xiaobian tell everyone. ! Today, Xiao Bian collected the details of the waterproof bathroom, the precautions for the waterproofing of the bathroom and the most important waterproofing of the bathroom is more appropriate. Let's take a look!


First, how high is the bathroom waterproof?

1. Install the wall surface with hose shower head and the wall surfaces on both sides from the ground above 1800mm;

2. The wall surface of the shower head installed with the concealed pipe (without hose) and the wall surfaces on both sides of the shower head shall not be lower than the height of the shower head above the ground, and shall not be less than 1800mm;

3. The wall surface in contact with the bathtub is 300mm above the top surface of the bathtub;

4. The wall surface in contact with the wash basin is 300mm above the floor to the wash basin;

5. The urinal is 1800mm above the ground;

6. Pipes (including casings) that pass through the floor, 100mm above the root of the pipe.

Second, the bathroom waterproof details

1. Make sure the floor of the bathroom is relatively stable. If you need to replace the floor tiles of the bathroom, after you have cut the original floor tiles, you must first level the floor with cement mortar and then do waterproofing. This can prevent leakage of the waterproof coating due to uneven thickness.

2. The seam should be painted in place. The seam between the bathroom wall and the joint between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground is the most prone to problems.

3. Wall treatment is also very important. In the general bathroom waterproofing treatment, the wall surface should also be made of waterproof coating of about 30 cm high to prevent water from oozing through the wall. However, if the wall of the bathroom is a non-load-bearing light-weight wall, the entire wall should be covered with waterproof coating.


4, waterproof test must be done. After the construction of the bathroom is completed, all the water in the bathroom will be blocked, and a 25 cm high "can" will be built at the door, and then 20 cm of water will be poured into the bathroom.

5, keep the water flowing smoothly. All sewer pipes in the bathroom, including floor drains, plumbing pipes for sanitary ware, etc., should be kept open.

Third, the toilet waterproof precautions

1. Do a leveling. First, use cement mortar to level the floor (especially the house that has been refurbished) and then do waterproofing. This can prevent the waterproof coating from leaking due to uneven thickness or piercing the waterproof membrane.

2, to do a good job. The seam between the wall and the ground and the joint between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground are the most prone to problems. Therefore, these parts must be paid special attention, the treatment must be meticulous, and there must be no sloppy.

3, the wall must also be waterproof. In order to achieve a better waterproof effect, the wall surface of the general bathroom should also be waterproofed to a height of about 30 cm to prevent water from escaping through the wall. The wall adjacent to the bathtub is also water-treated to a height higher than the upper edge of the bathtub, and the shower must be 180 cm high.

4, to do waterproof experiments. After the waterproof construction is completed, all the sewers in the toilet should be blocked and the water injection test should be carried out. Check after 24 hours, if there is no leakage around the wall and floor of the bathroom, the waterproof quality of the bathroom is very good. On the contrary, find out the missing points and carry out maintenance.

The waterproof project of the bathroom can not be underestimated. If it is improperly constructed, it will affect the future life. This section of Xiaobian brings you all the knowledge about how to waterproof the bathroom. Everyone knows it~ Want to know more about decoration information, Please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network!

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