Windows and doors are an indispensable part of the living room. Since its development, doors and windows have experienced four eras: wood, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and windows.

Wooden doors and windows are moderately priced, poorly sealed, fear of fire flammability, deformation cracking, only applicable to general places, high maintenance costs, and short service life.

Steel welded doors and windows are low-priced, easily corroded, easily deformed, have high maintenance costs, have a short service life and are obsolete.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good flame retardancy and luxurious appearance.

Compared with wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows have the following characteristics:

1, light weight, strong and durable. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are about 50% lighter than steel doors and windows; wood doors and windows are corrosion-resistant, non-corruptible, and their colored oxide layer does not fall off, does not fade, and is durable.

2, good sealing performance. Aluminum doors and windows have high airtightness, watertightness and sound insulation are better than wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows.

3, bright and beautiful appearance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows frame material, after ammoniated coloring, can be silver, bronze, dark red and other colors, and can wear colored patterns. Made of aluminum alloy doors and windows, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, bright color and solid, enhance the decorative effect of indoor and outdoor facades.

The single-layer glass-leaf type plastic steel doors and windows are the fourth-generation doors and windows following wood, steel and aluminum alloys. The performances of insulation, fire-resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion and sound insulation are unmatched by wooden windows, steel windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows. Sealing is good, fire retardant, not easy to deformation, good strength, easy installation, exquisite workmanship, is a new generation of doors and windows materials.

Here are some simple methods, such as how to check the quality of the installation of steel doors and windows.

A look at the window surface: the window frame should be clean, smooth, smooth, large surface without scratches, bumps, and no open welding cracks.

Second, look at the hardware: hardware must be complete, the correct location, the installation of a solid, flexible use, can reach their respective functions.

Third, look at the glass seal: The contact between the seal and the glass and glass notches should be smooth, and must not be curled or grooved.

Four to see the quality of the seal: When the doors and windows are partially closed, there is no obvious gap between the fan and the frame, and the sealing strip on the sealing surface should be in a compressed state.

Five look glass: glass should be flat, installed firmly, there should be no loose phenomenon, single-layer glass can not be directly contact with the profile, double-glazed glass surface should be clean, there must be no dust and moisture in the glass sandwich, the bar can not tilt.

Six see the pressure: The strip with the sealing strip must be tightly attached to the glass, there should be no obvious gap between the fillet and the profile seam, the joint gap should be less than or equal to 1 mm.

Seven to see the ramming material: the ramming material should be tightly connected with the window frame, and sealed with caulking paste at the same time. The screw spacing should not be disturbed. The screw spacing should be less than or equal to 600 mm. Both ends of the lining reinforced steel should be firmly fixed with the hole.

Eight look at the switch parts: flat open, push and pull or rotate the window should be closed tightly.

Nine frame and wall connection: The window frame should be horizontal and vertical, and the height should be the same. The spacing between the fixing pieces should be less than or equal to 600 mm. The frame and the wall should be connected firmly. The gap should be filled with elastic material and the surface seam should be sealed. No cracks.

Look at the drain hole: The position of the drain hole should be correct, but also smooth.

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