Today, when it comes to individuality, the interior doors must not only be beautiful, but also reflect the unique design concept of the owner. Interior doors have become a highlight in home decoration.

According to different functions, the home is divided into multiple spaces. What style should be used for each space?

Experts in the industry suggested that the interior doors should be “door to door” and different doors should feature different spatial characteristics.

Bedroom door: good privacy, no light

Spatial characteristics: The bedroom is where people rest and sleep. It requires high privacy and security, and creates a warm atmosphere.

Points to buy: Xue Guibin, Executive Manager of 3D Wooden Door Shenyang Outlet Store, said that when choosing a bedroom door, consider a door that is not translucent or has poor light transmission and sound insulation. Solid doors and panel doors are a good choice for bedroom doors.

Xue Guibin introduced that the solid door uses a double layer of wood, no light point, but also effectively buffer the proliferation of sound. At present, the thickness of the solid panel on both sides of the market is usually 8cm. The middle part of the sandwich is partially hollow, and it is also made of solid wood. Whether it is partially hollow or solid wood, the stability is the same as long as the processing technology is in place. The panel door is also very sealed. The advantage is that it can sculpt concave lines and make convex lines on the surface of the door panel. The appearance is beautiful and the wholeness is good.

Study room door: strong sound insulation is appropriate

Spatial characteristics: The study room provides the host with a space for reading, writing, work, and confidential talk. First of all, it must ensure quietness. Second, it must have a good lighting and visual environment. This will make the owner maintain a relaxed and happy attitude.

Buying points: The door of the study room should first choose a soundproof door. “Whether the door is soundproofed mainly depends on the doorboard, and the soundproof effect of the doorboard mainly depends on the filling of the door core.” Wang Qing, general manager of Huahe Wooden Door Shenyang Branch, said.

In general, sound insulation effect of the door core can achieve a sound effect of 29 decibels; inferior door only in the air core to play a few rough partitions with cardboard, sound insulation effect is poor. For solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, the wood itself has high density and heavy weight, so the thicker the door, the better the sound insulation effect.

In addition to requiring soundproofing, the door of the study should also have a certain sound-absorbing function. The owner can choose wooden doors with patterns such as Oracle and ancient window edges. The reason for this, Wang Qing explained: “These simple or complex patterns and patterns can not only produce a simple and elegant book fragrance, but also play a role in sound absorption and reflection of sound. If the door panel is very smooth, the indoor sound waves will be covered by the door panel. When it is reflected completely, noise is formed."

Bathroom door: only transparent

Space characteristics: The bathroom is usually divided into two types: one is a relatively large space and wet and dry zoning; the other is more common, that is, there is only one bathroom, and the bathroom space is small, can not be divided into two wet and dry areas, moisture-proof Become the key to this bathroom.

Buying points: The first situation can choose any type of door that matches the overall style of home decoration, while the door made of waterproof material such as steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel is suitable for the bathroom in the second case. Among them, aluminum alloy door style is more, and rich in color; stainless steel glass door waterproof performance is also good, but the price is relatively expensive.

For a long time, Ms. Li, the head of Wanfang Wooden Door, reminded consumers that many toilets do not have windows. The owner can change the shape of the door and install stylish frosted glass on the door to increase the lighting of the bathroom and make the space of restraint and dullness look like Spacious and lively. However, the bathroom door can only see through the light, so you should install double-sided frosted glass on the door.

Kitchen door: anti-fouling and waterproof, strong sealing performance

Space characteristics: The kitchen is a place for cooking and storing essential foods. It is easy to be wet and has many fumes. Therefore, all materials in the kitchen should be durable and easy to clean.

Buying points: Wang Tiejun, general manager of TATA wooden doors in Shenyang, believes that when selecting a kitchen door, attention should be paid to the waterproof and tightness of the door so as to effectively block fumes produced during cooking. In particular, attention must be paid to the moisture-proof and mildew-proof performance of door frames and door line.

According to the lighting requirements of the kitchen, frosted glass or semi-translucent glass doors are ideal choices. Such a glass will visually make the room spacious and full of light. At the same time, it will be able to see the exquisite furnishings of the kitchen through the glass. In addition, because of the kitchen

Space effect map wooden door brand space glass door stainless steel aluminum alloy bedroom door kitchen door bedroom soundproof decoration partition decoration style craft glass stainless steel glass door door partition door glass door glass door kitchen glass sliding door design study bathroom door bathroom waterproof price toilet partition whole Bathroom Bathroom Design Bathroom Waterproof Small Study Bedroom Bedroom Door to Bedroom Door

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