1. See if there is a quality system certification; see whether the certificate is standardized; see if there is a factory name, site, inspection seal, and production date; see if the trademark is printed on the wire, specifications, voltage, etc. It also depends on the cross-section of the copper core of the cable. The superior product has a bright, soft color and a reddish yellow color in the copper core, indicating that the copper used is of good quality, while the yellow and white is the reaction of the low-grade copper. Otherwise it is defective.
2. It is advisable that a wire head be repeatedly bent by hand, and that any product that has a soft hand, a good anti-fatigue strength, a large elasticity of a plastic or rubber feel, and no cracks on a wire insulator is an excellent product.
3. Take a section of insulation to see if the core is in the middle of the insulation. Non-centered is due to the fact that the process is not high and the eccentricity phenomenon is caused. If the power is small, it can be safe when used. Once the power is used, the thinner side may be broken down by the current.
4. It is necessary to look at the length and core thickness of the core. According to the relevant standards, the error of the wire length must not exceed 5%, and the cross-sectional wire diameter must not exceed 0.02%.

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GET Intelligent PCR Machine uses 6 custom made Marlow semiconductor cooling chips, the maximum temperature change rate is greater than 6 degrees per second, the cycle number is greater than 1 million times. The PCR Thermal Cycler integrates a variety of advanced technology in one: WINCE operating system, color full touch screen, six temperature zone independent control technology, computer online function, printing function, large data storage and expansion function, all of which will improve the function of qualitative PCR products to the extreme, powerful functions will meet the needs of higher requirements of the experiment.


  1. 6 long life Peltier modules for temperature circulators can control 6 temperature zones independently.
  2. the engineering reinforced aluminum module processed by anodizing technology not only keeps fast thermal conductivity but also has enough corrosion resistance.
  3. fast temperature rise and fall rate, the fastest temperature rise and fall rate of 6 /s, saving valuable experimental time.
  4. stepless adjustable hot cover can be used to test tubes at different heights, and can be positioned at any angle after opening.
  5. The friendly Windows interface, color touch screen control, high clear TFT display (8 inches, 800 x 600 pixels, 16 color), graphical menu navigation interface, operation is extremely simple;
  6. built in 11 standard program file templates to quickly edit the required files;
  7. the program adopts folder management and can build its own directory.
  8. real-time display program progress and remaining time, support PCR instrument running intermediate programming;
  9. the fast incubation function of one button can meet the experimental needs of denaturation, enzyme digestion / enzyme linked, ELISA and so on.
  10. large data storage and maximum storage of 10 thousand files in the machine.
  11. hot cover temperature and hot cover working mode can be set up to meet different experimental needs.
  12. automatic power failure protection, automatic recovery of power supply after the completion of the unfinished cycle, ensure the whole process of safe operation.
  13. the GLP experiment report records the operation information of each step of the program, and provides accurate data support for the analysis of the experimental results.
  14. User login management, three level permissions, password protection function, to ensure data security;
  15. USB interface, supporting U data / PCR data, or using USB mouse to control PCR tester.
  16. Support U disk and LAN update software;
  17. through the network connection, one PCR can be controlled simultaneously.
  18. optional micro wireless Bluetooth printer, easy and accurate record of the experimental program information.
  19. support the end of the experiment program sending mail reminder function.

sample capacity: 96*0.2ml, 32*3*0.2ml, double 48*0.2ml, etc.

Temperature range: 0-100C

Gradient PCR machinethermalcyclerThermal cycler

GET Intelligent Series PCR Machine

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