Winter melon is seeded with new high-fat film before germination, and mixed with seed coating agent to keep warm, moisturize and swell, improve seed germination rate and make seedlings strong. Repel underground pests and isolate viral infections. Then germination. In places with good conditions, 3-3-5 years of rotation is carried out, and the effect is best with water and drought. For fields where the soil is acidic, it can be combined with soil preparation and applied with lime powder. If grafting, loofah, pumpkin or zucchini can be used as rootstock and winter melon scion for grafting. Planting land to do a drainage system.

Planting live or nutrient seedlings, cover the straw or mulch on the surface after emergence, to avoid root wounds when transplanting or cultivating alfalfa. Colonization, starting from the 5--8 leaf stage of the melon seedlings, using the tree generals + roots to apply root irrigation, 3-4 times, can induce virus accumulation, for the protection of the tree generals, disinfection, inhibition of root virus transmission infection To ensure the healthy operation of the plant transmission system.

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Wire mesh fence also called fence netting,it has different names according to regions.In the south of China,

it is widely known as isolated gate while in north,it is wire mesh fence.

Because of its great advantages over other products,such as easy transport and install,economic,high anti corrosion,

now it is widely used in many places of our life and society.


According to different principles,it can be divided into different kinds.Such as serious,it can be divided into framed fence,

fence with triangle bends,double end wire fence,double loop fence,sport field fence,razor and barbed fence,PVC coated wire fence.



Wire Fence Series

Wire Fence Series, Field Fence,Welded Mesh Fence,Temporary Fence

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