The toilet is now an indispensable bathroom appliance for thousands of households. It is the most common situation in the bathroom of the master bedroom. When used for a long time, the toilet seat will inevitably cause problems. Then, how to remove the toilet lid ? This is all we want to know some of the issues, then the small series on the site for everyone to tell you how to remove the toilet lid related methods.

How to remove the toilet lid

Under the toilet can reach into the hand, there are screws below. It's OK to turn it off. It is very laborious. But you should be able to reach in, to kneel on the floor, and touch your hand from the back of the toilet to the corresponding place under the toilet lid. Can get a long screw. This process requires patience. This will remove the toilet lid.

Second, how to quickly replace the toilet lid

1. When replacing the toilet cover, it is only necessary to remove the fixing bolt at the back of the toilet for replacement; Most toilet seats are irrespective of size. Adjust two bolts when installing. However, it is also necessary to measure the size, screw hole distance, width and length of the toilet lid, and then purchase a new toilet lid for replacement. This will be more convenient.

2, if the toilet is more complex, then they may not be repaired, this time can call the after-sales, after-sales will be on-site service, this method is to wait, some advanced intelligent toilet is not professional operation, we ourselves are very It's easy to have problems. If it's bad or bad, it's not worth the candle. At this time, please make the repair master come after the sale is the fastest solution.

Xiao Bian summary: The above points are the summary of this site Xiaobian toilet cover how to split , I believe we will have a certain understanding after reading, this way, at home, you can also remove the toilet seat, and you can also Install it. If you want to know more about toilet related information, then we must pay more attention to this site!



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