In-wall sanitary ware is entering more and more people's lives. Whether it is a shower, faucet or sanitary ware, the in-wall structure hides water pipes, water tanks, etc., making the space delicate and simple.

The in-wall shower is only a top sprinkler and switch in terms of appearance. Compared with the structure of shower heads, shower heads and hoses, the appearance of the shower head is much cleaner. The independent installation of the wall-mounted faucet also frees up the design of the basin. Since the basin does not need to consider the internal connection with the faucet, there are more freedom choices in the modeling. In-wall sanitary wares have hidden water tanks and have changed the face of toilets. These avant-garde sanitary wares not only save space, but also make space easier to manage.

In-wall bathroom products should pay attention to the design of the first, before laying the bathroom tiles, it is necessary to pre-infuse the inlet and outlet pipes.

The installation of in-wall sanitary ware requires more consideration. The first is the toilet effluent method, which is divided into two types: floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. The floor-to-wall toilet is the sewage outlet that is connected to the ground. It is also called straight row. The toilet's sewage outlet is connected to the wall, also called the side row. The structure of the floor row and the wall row determines the type of the toilet, and the in-wall type sanitary ware is suitable for the structure of the bathroom wall row.

Followed by the pit distance, usually we say to measure the distance between the center of the sewage outlet and the wall surface before choosing the toilet, which refers to the pit distance of the floor structure toilet. If installing a wall-mounted toilet, we must first measure the height of the center of the sewage outlet from the ground. This is the wall distance of the wall row. If the floor has not been tiled yet, the thickness of the tiles should also be taken into account when measuring. The wall toilets have 120 mm and 180 mm as the common specifications. Generally, the 20 mm error range can be directly installed.

Zhong Yu bathroom space effect map toilet space simple switch bathroom design bathroom tile tiles specifications

The Carbon Crystal Heating Panel is a new kind of heating product. The heating meaterial is made from carbon crystal which is better than carbon fiiber. The heating effect is the best among the electric heaters. 

The Carbon Crystal Heater has many advantages, such as clean, and beautiful looking, and not any pollution, and no noise.

The using of this heater is for example:  a 20m2 room will need about 1500 - 2000w, the choose then can be 4pcs x 400w or 4pcs x 500w.

We are the biggest manufacturer in China of heating panels. Our Laiwu factory covers more than 130000m2, more than 200 employee, and annual output is now half million pcs.

Dexiang heater has all certificate needed, such as ISO, CE, ETL, etc. 

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