Is it possible to tile the wooden floor? Now that people’s lives are constantly evolving, everyone will renovate their own houses. In the past, people used to tile the tiles in their homes. Now when everyone is renovating, it's time to save time and lay wooden floors directly on the tiles. Is it possible to tile wooden floors? This is a problem that everyone will be more concerned about. Next, this site Xiaobian will tell you about the ceramic tile flooring can be?

First of all, is it possible to tile wooden floors? In fact, this is okay. This is more convenient. Of course, if everyone chooses this method, they must choose a better glue. Otherwise, they may not have a long service life. When choosing such a method, choose a better wood floor, so that everyone will use it for a long time.

Second, is it possible to tile wooden floors on tiles? A composite board can be laid on the upper side. Such a composite board is very good. Of course, this material must choose a better floor. With wooden floors, businesses will put a layer of waterproof membrane on the floor. This is not your concern. If digging the original tiles is costly, the material is artificially 1/3 higher than the floor. And you have to tear down the original tiles. Dismantling and paving tiles are squared. Our demolition is 18 yuan. The shop is a manual fee of about 20 yuan. We must pay attention to the selection of prices in this regard.

Third, can tile flooring be? Yes, but when you shop, you will need to pay attention to the size, because the height of the tile and the ground is similar, this time if you can be on the top of the wood flooring when the size may be a Big choice, because if the size is not good, then the door may not be closed. So everyone chooses to pay attention to the size when laying tiles on the floor.

Tiles on the wooden floor can be? The above points are the summary of this site for everyone to sum up, I believe we have seen after a certain understanding, so that everyone will choose when it will be very good. Do not know how to choose. If you have any good ideas or suggestions, you can come and share them together.

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