Kangjian brake valve, gently step on the soft, heavy step on the spirit.
We are a well-known brand in the industry, with a good reputation, integrity-based, service-oriented, welcome to inquire by phone, we will serve you wholeheartedly! China Hardware Business Network Rousha Wangsanqiao synchronous trailer valve sales connection method, adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate philosophy, has a professional workforce, strive to provide quality products and services to give back to the community, and welcome new and old customers to visit us, sincere cooperation Create a better future together. Brand-you can be trusted. Applicable models: Three-axle semi-trailer China Hardware Business Network
Product features: Mainly solve the no-load brake lock, heavy load brake does not work. Automatic pressure change, two brake pistons, small piston work when light braking, reduce tire wear, large piston work when heavy braking, increase brake braking force, brake brake outlet is divided into front axle brake interface, middle axle brake system The dynamic interface and the rear axle brake interface. When the vehicle brakes, the brake force of the front, middle and rear axles is adjusted by different brake air volume. The valve body is equipped with pressure regulating bolts, which can adjust the weight of the brake. The characteristics of heavy braking, no-trailer trailer brake, and three-axle brake synchronization. China Hardware Business Network
The rear three axles of the semi-trailer are tailor-made. The patent has a built-in ratio of double pistons, and the weight ratio of the built-in piston is used to control the strength of the brake. The advantages of installing the product:
1. The brakes are soft and do not drag the tires under no load, and the three axles brake synchronously.
2. It is not easy to cause early wear and tear of the hub.
3. Save the service life of the braking system.
4. Strong braking during heavy load, greatly reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.
At present, the three-axle semi-trailers produced and used at home and abroad generally have a sudden death of the front axle brake when the brake is unloaded, and the rear axle brake is light. It has caused great economic losses to car owners, and trailer manufacturers and car owners often have disputes.
The reason for the three-axle brakes being out of sync: the currently produced three-axle semi-trailers are all high-front and low-low, with light load on the front axle and heavy load on the rear axle. When the vehicle is braking with no load, the brake relay valve or three-axle synchronous valve used is a single cavity, the brake air pressure of several brake holes is the same, the front and rear axles are braked with the same brake air pressure, and the front axle load The light brake will cause a sudden death, the heavy brake on the rear axle will not die suddenly, causing the front axle to grind the tires, and the three-axle brakes are not synchronized, which has become a major problem in brake braking. China Hardware Business Network
This new product can solve this big problem. The valve has two brake air cavities (upper air cavity and lower air cavity). The brake air pressure of the upper air cavity is large, and the brake air pressure of the lower air cavity is small. During installation, the rear axle is heavily loaded, the brake air path is connected to the air cavity, the front axle is lightly loaded, and the brake air path is connected to the lower air cavity. When the brake is braked, the air pressure of the upper air chamber brake is large, and the air pressure of the lower air chamber brake is small. The rear axle brakes slightly ahead of the front axle, so that the front axle brake is no longer locked, and the three axle brakes are synchronized.
The company's fully automatic stepless pressure-variable emergency relay valve products have won 14 national utility model patents and 2 invention patents, and have passed the inspection of the National Motor Vehicle Quality Inspection Center (Chongqing).
This product can shorten the no-load braking distance of the car by more than 30%, shorten the heavy-load braking distance by more than 10%, and increase the mileage of the tire by 40% -90%, which greatly saves the cost of automobile transportation.
The company has always insisted on taking science and technology as the guide, intensifying the technical transformation, further improving the production process, continuously improving the technological content of the products, and improving the product quality and market competitiveness.
This product was well received by Jiang Tiejun engineer of WABCO Heavy Duty Truck Brake System in Jinan. Jiang Tiejun engineer made a special trip to Liangshan to visit and communicate.
The product has also won the trust and praise of many technical authorities, industry insiders and the majority of users, and has formed a certain brand influence in the auto parts market.
Three-bridge synchronous valve sales company mainly deals with three-bridge synchronous valve sales company mainly deals with: semi-trailer three-bridge synchronous valve, first-generation mechanical ABS three-bridge synchronous emergency relay valve, second-generation mechanical ABS three-bridge synchronous emergency relay valve, third-generation Mechanical ABS three-bridge synchronous emergency relay valve, fourth-generation mechanical ABS synchronous valve. Light car light brake, heavy car heavy brake. Light load soft brake, heavy load brake spirit and other characteristics.
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