Nowadays, there are many kinds of bathroom home brands, but the bathroom is small but the equipment is large. It is a typical sparrow. Although it is small and fully-equipped, it is necessary to pay attention to some details in order to avoid the problems caused by the decoration quality problems. In modern life, the bathroom is not only a convenient place to wash away the dust, but also an important space reflecting the quality of personal life. Whether in the space layout, material selection, or color selection, the bathroom design can not be ignored. It is difficult to choose a safe and environmentally friendly bathroom among many brands. Xiao Bian here to introduce you to the bathroom and how bathroom bathroom decoration should pay attention to it!

Langshi Sanitary Ware Company Profile

Langshi Sanitary Ware was founded in 2005 and is located in Shakeng Industrial Zone, Luo Village, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province (near Foshan Airport). It is a modern large-scale technology enterprise specializing in the production of high-quality matching bathroom products. Solid wood bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, leading showers, metal pendants and other bathroom accessories.

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to "quality, homogeneous products, perfect and beautiful service, continuous improvement" for the quality policy, strictly enforce the ISO9002 international quality management system standards, to provide consumers with first-class products and services . The company is guided by the design concept of “leading the fashion of sanitary ware and creating a harmonious life”, pays attention to the independent research and development and innovation of products, and is committed to the creation of comfortable, healthy and environmentally-friendly sanitary ware products.

The company has won the recognition and support of the society with its "high-quality products and services" and won the favor of consumers. In the history of bathroom development, it has ushered in a leaps again and again. The products are designed by the European master "Kachin Lang" The company's "design philosophy" is the forerunner. Through years of hard work, the "Rangsi" brand bathroom has emerged in the fierce market competition and will open up new directions for the sanitary ware industry.

Langshi bathroom products advantages

one. The langs product sheet is made from 100-year-old Malaysia imported from Malaysia, and is carefully processed through processes such as drying, degreasing, and removing insects. The plates are continuously immersed in water for 3000 hours without absorbing water. Make sure that Roche products are used in wet bathrooms for a long period of time without deformation or cracking;

two. Superb craftsmanship

All of Roche's products are meticulously processed through rigorous 18 processes. After 3 times of rough grinding, 2 cabinets of fine grinding, 4 primers and 3 topcoats, the cabinets will be perfect.

three. Convenient installation

Langshi hanging cabinet adopts the universal adjustment hanging code independently developed by Grace Company. The installation is sturdy, one person can complete the installation work, save time and effort, and the hanging code can be adjusted in size from front to back, up and down, even if the punching size is Deviation, no need to re-drill the wall, according to the gear adjustment can reach the standard height, changing the traditional hanging cabinet lock wall installation difficulties.

four. High standard configuration

The hinge of the company's products adopts YDD hydraulic hinge of Austria. The door panel is automatically buffered and closed. The design is more scientific and more humane. The track uses all three sections of rails and Austria self-priming rails. It does not rust, has a longer service life, and is suitable for use in toilets. .

Fives. unique design

The company's products are based on practical and mainstream design concepts. The products target the mass consumer and reflect the harmonious design style of the society. The main product adopts 16mm and the door panel adopts 18mm plate, which reflects the durability of the product, while the traditional cabinet and door panel All use 18mm plate, which is a waste of social resources, but also shorten the product life.

Bathroom decoration should pay attention to what

1. It is not appropriate to make major structural changes

In general, the bathroom has been arranged in the toilet when the building design, unless the location is not enough or the design is unreasonable, otherwise it should not be "big move", easily modified. Therefore, the renovation of the bathroom, the focus is not the structure of demolition, but the idea to try to start from the space layout, so that the bathroom more in line with the requirements of the owners.

2, bathroom partition

Most of the bathroom will be divided into three major functional areas: wash area, bath area, and toilet area. The location of the functional area needs to be determined according to the size of the bathroom space and the sanitary equipment. Before the bathroom renovation, it is necessary to have a detailed idea of ​​the overall layout, and then the designer combines the owner's ideas to draw a spatial layout of the bathroom, and the resulting water circuit transformation map. If the bathroom space is large, you can use the door, tent, sliding door and other partitions to dry and wet separation, usually put the bath and defecation in a room, the wash, laundry placed in another. In the small-sized apartment bathroom, the washing, bathing, washing, and defecation spaces are generally combined in the same space, and simple wet-dry separation is performed using a shower curtain or shower screen.

3, improve the bathroom space utilization

Many people's bathroom areas are small, but there are many things that you want to place. Therefore, how to make full use of every inch of bathroom space requires the owner to hollow out his head. The following Xiaobian provides a few small ways to use the bathroom space.

Warm Tips:

Choosing sanitary ware: Showers occupy much less space than baths, so if you have a small-family bathroom, it is best not to use a bathtub; wall-mounted bathroom cabinets or toilets, or column-style washbasins, etc. A lot of bathroom space; In addition, for a bathroom with a small space, it is also very important to make full use of space such as a corner to improve utilization. There are many special-shaped bathroom products on the market, such as L-shaped, polygonal and arc-shaped steam shower rooms, bathtubs and so on.

Editor's summary: What about the bathroom fitting bathroom bathroom decoration should pay attention to what is introduced here, through the above points so that we can better understand the advantages of the company's bathroom brand, a wide range of bathroom products in the selection also need to consider, hope It helps everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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