Recently, the annual meeting of the American Hardwood Export Committee for Southeast Asia and China was held in Chengdu. It is understood that the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is an international trade association whose mission is to promote American hardwood. Its members include more than one hundred American hardwood exporters and most major American hardwood product trade associations. AHEC's most important annual meeting, the first time in 15 years, chose Chengdu in deep China's inland. The relevant person in charge of the association said that it was because of smelling the huge business opportunities here in Chengdu. As for the target consumers of AHEC, the bosses of Chengdu furniture companies are still very calm.

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has been in the global promotion for 15 years, but for many Chengdu people, it is still a new thing to sell American timber to Chengdu. The United States in North America has a very wide distribution of hardwood species. Only 8% of the world ’s hardwood forest resources are distributed in the United States. However, the annual production of hardwood raw materials in the United States accounts for 24% of the global total.

The participating American experts answered everyone's questions. "Selective logging" is the principle of natural regeneration forest management in the United States. In the United States, the owners and managers of forests will go deep into the virgin forest and choose some large trees to cut down. The cut tree is like opening a skylight for the small trees under the big tree, and introducing the sunlight absorbed by the big tree into the forest, so that the small tree below can grow more quickly. The managers think that this is a kind of Naturally regenerating forests are very effective management methods that are far more natural and sustainable than those artificially replanted.

China's furniture-made wood is mainly imported

According to the fourth national forest resource census, China's forest area and forest stock volume are currently ranked sixth in the world, only 1/6 and 1/8 of the world's average per capita. Although the forest coverage rate has reached 13.9%, it is only half of the world average, after ranking 100th in the world. Is the furniture and building materials industry, a forest resource consumable industry, using domestic forest resources? The answer is reassuring because the country has strictly protected our limited forest resources. In order to meet the needs of domestic wood processing, a large amount of wood used for furniture, especially solid wood furniture, is imported on a long-term basis. The more furniture price tags are marked with "Imported Teak" and "Imported Oak", you don't have to think that it is a gimmick made by merchants to increase their value. In fact, the roots come from the strict protection of forest resources by the country. No, the Americans have long smelled the huge business opportunities in the Chinese market, and went to Chengdu to sell American timber.

Smell the business opportunities for the US hardwood export annual meeting in Chengdu

Recently, AHEC's most important annual meeting has chosen Chengdu, which is inland China, for the first time in 15 years. The annual meeting also invited Chengdu local furniture associations, chambers of commerce, and corporate executives to participate. According to Chen Xizhen, Director of Southeast Asia and China of the American Hardwood Export Council, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is an international trade association whose mission is to promote American hardwood. Its members include more than one hundred American hardwood exporters And most major American hardwood trade associations.

According to Chen Xizhen, many furniture manufacturers in Chengdu have indicated that they will move from the previous third- and fourth-tier cities to first- and second-tier cities, and continue to improve the quality of design and wood materials. AHEC is also looking at Chengdu and even Sichuan for hardwood interior decoration. With furniture, it has greater development space and market expectations than other coastal cities that have been developed and gradually mature. For example, red oak floors, oak cabinets, red birch, and boxwood are more widely used in more developed coastal cities. Wait.

Chengdu boss is very calm and wins domestic prices

The seller was ambitious and confident, but the reaction of the furniture bosses in Chengdu, the target customer of the Americans, was calm and calm. According to a furniture manager who asked not to be named, Sichuan Furniture does have the determination and confidence to enter the first-tier cities on the basis of the third- and fourth-tier cities. It is indeed imperative to improve the selection and quality of furniture. Most of the furniture is mainly panel furniture, and a few manufacturers mainly produce solid wood or solid wood furniture. The wood raw materials are mostly from neighboring countries such as Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. The selection of tree materials is also mostly pine and oak. Lower tree materials, after all, Sichuan furniture, which mainly sells domestically, has always been competitive in terms of economy, practicality, and high cost performance. At present, only certain styles of furniture are decorated with high-priced black Hu nuclear wood, but they are not Mainstream. Many Sichuan furniture bosses believe that it is currently less likely to import expensive broad-leaved wood from the United States, and high procurement and transportation costs are not sufficient to support the current consumer demand of the target customer base.

The reporter learned from the Import and Export Chamber of Commerce of Sichuan Province that the advantage of Sichuan furniture is in the domestic and the broadest domestic market. Foreign trade is also mainly in Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. Sichuan furniture's trade with the United States has been in a relatively vacuum state, except for ports The reason is mainly because the trade with the United States has always been very restricted and the threshold is high, which makes Sichuan furniture bosses a little far away.

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