[Chinalco.cn] Recently, Liaoning Zhongwang Group has completed the installation of the ALMEX casting platform introduced from the United States. With the release of the 666mm cast rod of the 6061 alloy forehearth from the forehearth, it marks the successful implementation of the platform.


The Aalmax Casting Platform is an auxiliary equipment for the super-large extrusion machine 225MN extrusion machine newly ordered by Liaoning Zhongwang Group. The extruder will be delivered in the second half of 2015. The Ñ„784mm cast rod is also used exclusively for this machine. Cast rods. As the world's second largest R & D and manufacturer of industrial aluminum extrusion products in Asia, Liaoning Zhongwang Group has not only made great achievements in technological innovation, but also is in the leading position in the field of advanced equipment.

It is reported that Liaoning Zhongwang Group currently has more than 90 international advanced aluminum extrusion lines (including 21 large-scale aluminum extrusion lines of 75MN and above) with an annual production capacity of over 1 million tons. The Liaoning Zhongwang Group has extensively applied intelligent production systems and industrial robots, and has basically achieved full automation. The Group has introduced more than ten robotic production lines from Austria, Germany and other countries to enhance the Group's aluminum extrusion material deep processing capabilities. The installation and commissioning of the two globally unique 225 MN ultra-large aluminum extrusion presses will further strengthen China Zhongwang's strength in producing high-end, large-section industrial aluminum extrusion products.

The Threaded Bushing Magnet are used in the precast concrete production structures to form free spaces in the work-pieces to fix the concrete inserts. Threaded Bushing Magnet are used in Magnetic Shuttering System. This system has considerably simplified some production task for the concrete structures producers. It easily gets fixed in the magnet formwork system or on the steel table due to its magnetic properties.

SHINE Threaded Bushing Magnet have revolutionized the precast industry. Our magnets offers long term reliability and cost effective solutions for the precast industry. Our products are durable and they last for years under all conditions. With our unique combination of rubber and integrated magnets, you can make almost any shape. Once it´s in place, it stays put. No slipping, no sliding.

For fastening various parts and forming empty space in the process of reinforced concrete products manufacturing, we offer various types of magnetic holders, Insert Magnets and spacers, both standard and custom-made according to customer drawings.

Threaded Bushing Magnet

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