Lightweight partition board made of various inorganic materials according to the scientific ratio, with light weight, body, solid, waterproof, fire, moisture, shock, heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, nail, can be hung, can paste ceramics Such characteristics, and does not contain human hazardous substances and gases, after the national environmental protection certification, with no radioactive, non-polluting environmental protection functions, is a green environmental protection material. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the characteristics and advantages of lightweight partition board.

First, the characteristics of lightweight partition board

1, thermal insulation

One type of lightweight wallboard is a composite wallboard, which is made of a mixture of EPS foam particles and cement plus calcium silicate board, which plays a very good role in thermal insulation. For families that use composite wallboards, it is not a problem at all to maintain a cool indoor environment in winter and summer.

2, easy to use

The biggest feature of lightweight wallboard is that it can be used directly. No technicians are required to do any processing on the wall. When the wall to be decorated is too large or too small, the technical workers can also cut the wallboard according to the required ratio. easy and convenient.

3, strong load capacity

Lightweight panels can be used not only for sticking on walls, but also on horizontal walls, and we can also hang other items on this wall. Now every home is equipped with air conditioners and water heaters. After using lightweight wall panels at home, these appliances can still be used. The superior hanging capacity of lightweight wall panels can firmly “pull” them. The owners do not have to worry about their quality problems.

4, cheap, affordable

Many of my friends may feel that lightweight wallboards have a lot of effect and the prices are certainly very expensive. In fact, the price of lightweight wallboard is very reasonable. The effect of a 75 mm thick lightweight wall panel is equivalent to that of a 120 mm panel brick. Therefore, the lightweight wall panel can save a lot of money for the owner.

Second, the advantages of lightweight partition board

1. Lightweight partition board fireproof

The lightweight partition board has a fire-resistance limit of more than 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and does not emit toxic gases. The non-combustible performance meets the national Class A standard. It is usually a dry operation. The product consists of fireproof panels, cement and polystyrene particles. It is not only fireproof but also soundproof.

2. Increased use area of ​​lightweight partition board

The lightweight partition board generally uses 75mm wall material and has a thickness of less than 85mm compared to the thickness of the 120 brick wall, which means that the energy-saving lightweight wallboard can increase the use area by 1m for each 11.8m extension. Can also be opened in the wallboard slot, line tube and socket, the use of very convenient!

3, lightweight partition board insulation

The material of the lightweight partition board is made of calcium silicate board, cement, and polystyrene particles, which determines that he has a good thermal insulation function and makes your indoor environment more comfortable. Due to the dry operation and short construction time, the workload can be completed in advance.

4, lightweight partition board hanging strong

Lightweight partition board can directly hit nails or expand bolts to hang heavy objects, such as air conditioners, single point hanging force above 45kg; and the panel surface of the wall panel is smooth and does not generate dust, and can be directly pasted tiles , wallpaper, wood trims and other materials do finish treatment.

5. Compared with traditional building materials, new building materials can not only reduce building energy consumption, but also make rational use of industrial waste. New building materials will not only not pollute the indoor environment, but also benefit human health, help to improve the built environment, can play anti-mildew, sound insulation, heat insulation, sterilization, temperature control, humidity control, dimming, flame retardant, deodorant effect. The production process of new environmentally friendly building materials will not cause pollution to the environment, will not generate new waste, and most of them can be recycled.

The above is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Consulting. More exciting consultation, please stay tuned.

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