Nowadays, there are more and more decorative materials on the wall. In addition to the traditional wallpapers and coatings, many new materials such as wall cloth, shell powder, diatom mud and so on are also emerging on the market. They all have good decorative effects and each has its own characteristics. As far as that wall covering is concerned, it is well-decorated and inexpensive. What about the collar embroidered wall covering ? Here's how to get the collar embroidered wall covering together with Qijia Xiaobian!

Collar embroidered wall cloth how

It is one of the top ten brands of wall coverings. It is of high quality, fashionable and quality, and is deeply loved by consumers. It originated from Suzhou embroidery. It is not only a wall covering, but also an art on the wall. It has its own unique design style. The company was founded in 2003 and is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. In 2011, the company successfully developed the world's first seamless embroidery wall covering. After three years of rapid development, the company has become a leading company in China's high-end wall coverings. The company's “Leather Embroidery Wallcovering” brand has also become a respected brand in the industry. It won the title of China's green environmental protection products, the 15th China (Beijing) International Wallpapers Exhibition, the most brand image value award, 2013-2014 national home furnishing industry top ten brands, etc., passed the GB/1900 1 - 2008 professional quality certification.

Which brand of wall cloth is better

1. EN flow ENLIU. (High-quality residential hotel villas special wall coverings, green seamless wall covering brand, Hangzhou Hongen Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.)

2. Home America. (Professional R&D, production and sales of wall covering integrated enterprises, seamless wall covering industry brands, leading wall decoration materials provider, Hangzhou Qiancheng Textile Co., Ltd.)

3. Seven Terri. (The domestic earlier launched a seamless wall covering with foam coating, an integrated growth company, and a leader in the seamless wall covering industry, Beijing Qi Teli Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.)

4. Collar Leader show. (Seamless embroidery wall covering iconic brand, Zhejiang Lianxiang Embroidery Co., Ltd.)

5. Kowloon JIULONG. (Beginning in 1993, focusing on high-end wallpaper wall covering products, Suzhou Jiulong Wallpaper Co., Ltd.)

6. Fu Tai. (Design, production, sales of professional wallpaper company, Hangzhou Fu Tai wallpaper Co., Ltd.)

7. China Bibao. (Quartz Wall Fabric Industry Leader, High-tech Enterprise, Green Building Material, Changzhou Huabibao Special New Material Co., Ltd.)

8. Ou Shilai OSSILE. (Provider of the concept of home furnishing in China, specializing in the research, development, production and sales of seamless wall covering technology, Hangzhou Yongxin Textile Co., Ltd.)

9. Ai is a wall cloth. (China Wall Cloth Industry Vice President Unit, Seamless Wall Fabric Top Ten Brand, China Seamless Wall Fabric Industry Standard Drafting Unit, Shaoxing Ai Home Furnishing Products Co., Ltd.)

10. Weize WEIZE. (Deputy Chairman of the China Wallpaper Decoration Branch of the China Building Decoration Materials Association, Changzhou Wei Ze Decoration Material Co., Ltd.)

Where is the difference between wall covering and wallpaper?

1. Compare prices. Generally speaking, as the process of wall coverings will be more complicated, the price of wall coverings will generally be more expensive than that of wall coverings, but the prices of different brands of different quality will also vary. The price of wall coverings on the market today is generally more than 100 yuan per square meter, while the traditional wallpaper is tens of dollars.

2. From the service life point of view. The service life of the wallpaper will be longer, because the polyester fiber of the wall cloth has a good fixing ability, and its color can maintain a good paving effect for a long time. And the moisture resistance and air permeability of the wall cloth are good, easy to clean after pollution, and it is not easy to rub and break. If it is in a humid environment, the wallpaper can easily grow bacteria, destroy the beauty of the house, and cannot be repaired after damage.

Xiao Bian's words: In general, the quality of this brand of wall covering is still very good, it is recommended that you can go to the regular store to buy, so that the quality is guaranteed! The above is the Xiaobian and everyone to explain the collar embroidered wall covering What kind of related knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content Oh!

Collar embroidered wall cloth how

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