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Low-noise bearing selection trick analysis

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-18

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(1) Rolling bearings with low noise demand are in the standard bearings produced in China; some single row radial ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings have low noise types for power supply bearings. The ball bearings are from inner diameter φ2. 5mm to φ60mm. There are several types of suffixes with Zl, Z2 and Z3; there are three different low noise requirements; the eight types of roller bearings from N309 to N322 also have low noise specifications.
These bearings are perfectly suited for use in other machines with low noise requirements; and they are inexpensive; they meet the requirements in terms of type and size; try to use these two types of low noise bearings.
(2) Select bearings with relatively small noise when the above two types of low-noise bearings cannot be used; bearings with relatively small noise can be selected. The detailed comparison is as follows:
1) The noise of the ball bearing is lower than that of the roller bearing; the (collision) noise of the bearing with less sliding is lower than that of the bearing with relatively sliding.
2) The noise of the solid cage bearing is relatively lower than that of the bearing using the stamping cage. The noise of the plastic cage bearing is lower than that of the above two cages, the number of balls is large; the outer ring is thick; the noise Also compared.
3) Bearings with high precision; especially the bearings with higher precision of the rolling body; the noise is relatively better than the noise of low-precision bearings.
4) The noise of small bearings is relatively small compared to the noise of large bearings.
For example, the noise of a radial ball bearing is shorter than that of a short cylindrical roller bearing. The scouring and squatting of the cerebral palsy is still a sputum and a cerebral palsy.

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