Remember the "Matrix" using human batteries? Now, researchers from MIT are developing a similar technology. Of course, this does not mean that we will be trapped in a container to provide energy for robots. Instead, researchers have found a technology that can convert the mechanical energy generated by humans during walking into electrical energy. In other words, as long as you are moving, your battery will always have power.

From a technical point of view, this technique is achieved by taking two pieces of lithium alloy flakes as electrodes, separating them with porous polymer layers and immersing them in the electrolyte. This design can make the movement of lithium ions between the two metal plates become efficient, so that when placed in the joints of the human body can absorb human mechanical energy and then convert it into electricity, and then for smart phones and other electronic devices Provide electrical energy.

According to MIT, this technology can be applied to the wearable devices such as smart watches, and it can also be a practical biomedical application driver or deployed to objects with pressure sensors such as roads, bridges, keyboards or other devices. structure.

Of course, there is still a long way to go for this technology to go into the market. Ju Li, a professor at MIT, said that the current system can only achieve a conversion rate of 15%, but theoretically, it is still possible to achieve a 100% conversion rate in the future.

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