Sliding doors have been more and more popular with people. However, sliding doors with insufficient quality are prone to problems such as door panel deformation, poor sliding, and severe noise. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the following issues when purchasing products:
1. The length of the service life of slide sliding doors depends on the quality of the pulleys. Sliding doors usually have a height of more than 2.4 meters. Doors are wider, so they have a lot of weight. If the bearing weight of the bottom wheel is not enough, it will greatly affect the service life, and it will cause sluggish push-pull, increased noise or no use at all.
2. Metal material sliding door frame materials are mostly made of metal, so that it can prevent deformation. The current sliding door metal materials are mainly carbon steel and aluminum alloy. The quality of metal materials directly affects the quality of sliding doors.
Harder metal materials, such as aluminum-titanium alloys, have high hardness and strong support so that the door leaf does not deform. Carbon steel and ordinary aluminum alloys are not suitable for making tall doors due to their thin material. When purchasing, consumers should ask the merchant to present the inspection report of the inspection department.
3. Personally feel the good technical quality of sliding doors with good quality, but it is difficult for consumers to identify them. In fact, you may wish to personally experience and experience its sliding effect. A good-quality sliding door is neither too light nor too heavy when sliding, but with a certain weight of the door, no vibration when sliding, smooth and texture.

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