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ZZ91 Information: Plastic packaging has a unique advantage. Plastic products are lighter in weight, can be produced and transported with less energy, and can be recycled. With cutting-edge science and technology, bioplastics and other innovative plastics have emerged, and the plastics industry is gradually meeting the demand of consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

The unique properties of plastics make it the first choice for many manufacturers to provide environmentally friendly and low-cost packaging solutions. Recently, the American Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI) released an exclusive research report, pointing out that the fast-paced, environmentally-conscious consumer market will continue to push Innovative plastic packaging needs. "Packaging Market Watch: Plastic Packaging" is one of SPI's in-depth research reports on how the consumer market affects the plastics industry segment.

It is understood that the report was commissioned by well-known market research experts Ken Gronbach, the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), the US Environmental Protection Agency and other relevant agencies. The research results show that the global packaging industry market value is 700 billion US dollars, of which plastic packaging accounts for about one-third of the market share, reaching 250 billion US dollars, has become the largest plastics market in the United States.

“The plastic is tough enough to withstand the transport pressure and it filters the smallest dust particles,” adds Carteaux. “If we don’t use plastic for packaging, we can only choose paper, cardboard, glass and metal for packaging. ”

According to the study, other packaging (such as paper, cardboard, glass and metal) requires 64 million tons of materials per year, an 80% increase in energy consumption and a 130% increase in carbon footprint.

Therefore, polymer materials will gradually replace other materials in packaging due to their light weight, high strength, flexible design and low cost. It is estimated that from 2015 to 2020, the global polymer industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% per year, and the demand for packaging by end users in emerging economies will continue to drive the development of the polymer industry.

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