Purchase of steel doors and windows

Plastic steel doors and windows are a new generation of doors and windows materials. Because of their advantages of high wind pressure resistance, good airtight watertightness, low air and rain penetration, low heat transfer coefficient, heat preservation, energy saving, sound insulation, and aging resistance, they are rapidly replacing Steel windows, aluminum windows.

The structural steel doors and windows of plastic steel doors and windows are made of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic profiles, and are composed of off-duty hardware.

The manufacture of plastic steel doors and windows is usually manufactured in the factory using plastic steel doors and windows dedicated cutting, welding equipment, semi-automatic, automated production, quality can be guaranteed.

Buy plastic doors and windows considerations

Do not buy cheap steel doors and windows. Pay attention to glass and hardware. The glass should be smooth and dry. The glass and plastic profiles are not in direct contact and there is a sealing bead that closes the gap. The hardware is complete, the position is correct, the installation is firm, and the use is flexible.

The surface of doors and windows should be smooth and flat, and there should be no open welding breakage. The sealing strip should be flat, without curling, no groove removal, and no smell on the strip. When the doors and windows are closed, there is no gap between the fan and the frame.

Four doors and windows are all integrated and screwless. Sliding doors and windows open and slide freely, soft sound, no dust off.

Special steel linings are embedded in the window frames and fan profiles. The glass should be flat and securely mounted. The installed glass does not directly contact the profile. Glass glue cannot be used. If it is a double glass flat layer, there should be no dust and moisture in the interlayer.

Switch parts are tightly closed and flexible. Plastic steel doors and windows are all manufactured on the factory floor using professional equipment and cannot be produced on the construction site.

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