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Reasons and Countermeasures for Affecting the Service Life of FAG Bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-22

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FAG bearing application elements mainly refer to whether the device adjustment, application protection, protection and repair can meet the skill needs. According to the skill requirements of bearing device, operation, protection and protection; the load, rotation speed, working temperature, and the load accepted by the bearing in operation Oscillation, noise and smooth conditions are monitored and viewed; abnormalities are found immediately; the adjustment is made; the rehabilitation is normal. The device condition is one of the primary elements in the application of the element; the bearing often incurs the entire set of bearing parts due to improper installation of the device. The stress status changes. The bearing works under abnormal conditions and is completed ahead of time. The life connotation element mainly refers to the three major factors of structural quality, such as structural design, manufacturing process and data quality.
The metallurgical quality of FAG bearing data was once the primary factor affecting the early failure of rolling bearings. Following the advancement of metallurgical skills (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel); the quality of the original data was improved. The original data quality factor accounted for in bearing failure analysis. The proportion has been significantly reduced; but it is still one of the primary factors affecting bearing failure. Whether the selection of materials is appropriate or not is still an essential element for bearing failure analysis.

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