Prior to home improvement, a lot of renovation works are needed to make an understanding and budget. Due to different materials and different construction, the decoration budget is also very different. For a lot of renovation rookies, the decoration project budget table must be formulated, then what items in the renovation project budget table ? Here and Xiaobian together to understand the relevant knowledge of the renovation project budget!

Decoration Project Budget

Part I: Looking Up

The decoration project budget will have the company name, the user's contact number and address, as well as the customer name and contact number. Next is the construction address and the name of the decoration designer. These are all reflected in the budget table. They are basic information for customers and decoration companies. They are all available in the formal decoration company's budget table.

Part II: Budget Book Item Classification

1. Serial number/project name: It can be seen from the serial number which construction projects are in the home. The owner can see where there are missing items and missing items in the construction process according to the budget table.

2. Units: Units mainly indicate the decoration prices. Many times in the decoration budget, there will be a lot of trickery, so you can seriously verify in the unit, there are a lot of decoration companies like to fool consumers with general pricing units, this is the decoration company Common budget traps.

3. Quantity: The quantity is the data in the unified decoration. In the budget of the decoration company, the quantity can verify whether the decoration company is more or less.

4, the main material unit price: the main material is the decoration process, the largest part of the design, it is directly related to the entire renovation of the price, so be sure to verify the clarity. The owner can go to the building materials market to learn about the price of the relevant building materials before the renovation, so that the budget is also better understood.

5. Price of accessories: The accessories are mainly repaired in the semi-package. In the case of half-package, the decoration company is mainly profitable in the auxiliary materials. Therefore, after understanding the prices of the main materials, it is possible to understand the related prices of the accessories and the decoration. The company conducts price negotiations.

6, the unit price of labor: artificial price is inevitable in the decoration, and some changes have been made on the settlement, the price is always different from the budget. So be sure to set a good standard so that you can't tell later. At the same time, the unit price of labor can sometimes see the quality of living, so do not save on labor prices.

7, brand specifications and processes: the construction of the product brand and process labeling, in the decoration, will be written under each project related to the construction, such as latex paint will write a bottom two, if you require a bottom three, then add Money; vice versa.

8, Note: Note Do not underestimate, many times in the decoration budget, some important issues will be marked on the remarks. Especially in the case of half-package, which are provided by the owner and which companies need to purchase, will be marked in the remarks.

The above is a detailed description of the renovation project budget table for everyone. If you don’t know, you can learn more about it! The decoration budget must be understood, so that you will not be ignorant of the decoration and everything will be heard by the decoration company. . I hope the above can help everyone, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Decoration Project Budget Decoration Project Budget

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