Yesterday, citizens who bought furniture at Suzaku International Furniture City took a closed door and the shops in the entire market were closed. The reason is that the market management has to increase the rent, and the merchants cannot accept the time to find new shops and have to temporarily suspend business to negotiate the matter.

Customers are wondering

Furniture City shops are all closed

Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang, a citizen of the city, wanted to buy a coffee table in the furniture city, but found that it was much deserted than before. All the shops along the street pulled down the rolling gate, and there was no business. "At first, I thought that only the households in the east were closed, but the more I walked in, the more wondered, how could it be closed?" Mr. Wang said, because the furniture here is cheaper, he often comes, "It's so cold Closed, it feels weird. "

Rent increase

Merchants say "cannot afford"

In the market, the reporter saw a lot of merchants, they gathered together to discuss what. Mr. Fang, the shop owner, said that they were closed because the market was going to increase rents, and everyone could not accept it. "Last year's rent was 75 yuan per square meter per month, and the contract expired on March 27. The market suddenly posted a notice on March 5 that this year, the monthly price per square meter rose to 105 yuan, which was previously free on the second floor per square meter. 15 yuan. "Mr. Fang said that this price is higher than other markets with good conditions, such as Sansen, Western Furniture City, etc., far beyond their tolerance. He calculated an account, his shop is 100 square meters, and he will spend more than 30,000 yuan every year. Ms. Liu ’s shop is 60 square meters. The original rent was more than 50,000 yuan a year, but now it is close to 80,000 yuan. "The profit is too thin to bear."

After seeing the notice, more than 80 merchants tried several times to communicate and negotiate with the market management, but all failed.

Merchants are very worried

Notice too late to find a new store

A merchant said that the notice caught everyone off guard and the rent was unbearable. Compared with the previous years, profits gradually declined. The merchants have not considered moving, but the time is too tight to find new stores. This makes everyone very worried. "In recent years, the rent here has been increasing year by year, so we have become accustomed to the management. We must continue to rent if we can accept it, and move if we ca n’t. But why did n’t the market notify you in advance? , It ’s too late to find a store in 20 days, let alone move. Seeing the contract expires, where do so many goods move? "

"Uncoordinated and not handled"

The market leader is very tough

Yesterday afternoon, reporters and business representatives came to the market management office. A man named Li said that he was the person in charge of the market. Regarding the increase in rents, he said that he was "uncoordinated, unhandled, and not interviewed." The responsible person ’s tough attitude disappointed and saddened the merchants. “After all, we ’ve been doing business here for many years, and we ’re not looking down with this responsible person. Can the management communicate with the merchant ’s representative and be right? Both parties have a favorable decision? "This is everyone's ultimate goal.

At 6 o'clock last night, Suzaku International Furniture City was still in a state of suspension. Although it would cost at least a few hundred yuan a day to stop, the merchants said they would continue to strive to communicate with the market to resolve the matter.

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