It is the most effective method to control crop diseases and use pesticide fungicides. What kind of aspects should farmers pay attention to when using fungicides? Let's take a look at Xiaobian together.

First, we must emphasize "prevention first" and timely and rational use of drugs.

Prevention is crucial in the field of crop disease control, and preventive measures must be implemented before the disease occurs in order to be effective. In principle, it is necessary to use fungicides to prevent disease early, that is, to take measures not to make plants sick, such as seed treatment or seed coating defense; or it is predicted that certain diseases will be prevalent, early field application protection; or, such as sweet potato blocks first It is an active defense to use drugs to invade the upper sputum and prevent black spot disease. According to the method of controlling pests, it is too late to apply the treatment after the illness, it is difficult to recover the loss. Therefore, it is necessary to promote scientific and predictive calculation of accounts, relieve certain doubts, increase the knowledge of scientific drugs, and improve the efficiency ratio of farmers in planting crops.

Timely medication, it also reflects early, because the bacteria invade the plant has a latent growth period, during which the appearance often does not show symptoms. For example, black shank disease, from the germination of the seed that invades people until the convulsions, the symptoms appear, and then re-treatment, completely ineffective. If you are using a single protective agent, be sure to spray a pesticide bactericide to protect the bacteria from invading the crop before it invades the crop. Once the germ has invaded, any protective agents should not be reused and will not be effective after administration.

Second, to symptomatic medication, the characteristics of the disease is not clear, do not use drugs.

In order to reduce the consumption of fungicide prices, it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine, and the application effect will be better. But it is not easy to do. Therefore, it is especially necessary to remind farmers: For symptomatic, first of all, we must know what disease is prevented or prevented, and if we are confused or misidentified, it will lead to a series of problems in the future. Secondly, the target to be treated is identified or determined, and at which stage the drug is to be taken, in which way to prevent it, the drug used is not known, the characteristics of the disease are unclear, and the fungicide cannot be used at will.

Third, according to the characteristics of the insecticide application according to the prescribed method.

Regarding the action characteristics, mode of action, application methods, etc. of the fungicide, you can search for the relevant content on the Internet yourself, or you can find out if there is any relevant information on the China Pesticide First Online. Only the principles to be followed when using drugs are mentioned here.

Fourth, the new pharmacy should be tested and promoted.

At this stage, many companies have developed a variety of mixed fungicides. The names of the drugs are novel, and there are also foreign varieties that are being tested in China. They often attract farmers with strong desires and hope that new varieties will bring good benefits. The author believes that it is necessary to judge whether the new variety can be applied and whether the application is safe. These tasks should be carried out in the professional department first. After the results are obtained, the technology should be handed over to the farmers and should be tested under the guidance of local agricultural technicians to reduce the risk of improper medication.

5. Rational use of drugs to prevent the resistance of the bacteria to drugs or phytotoxicity.

The phytotoxicity is the harm caused by improper use of chemical drugs to crops. Generally, it is excessive or due to the use of different pesticides, and some crop varieties are sensitive to drugs, and some are high in humidity. Cold and fog are also likely to cause some drugs to be produced. Crop damage. For crops that are susceptible to phytotoxicity, care should be taken when applying fungicides.

Tips: relying solely on a fungicide, it is easy to make crop disease resistant, so the use of different fungicide products is better. If you want to get more pesticide knowledge, please pay attention to China's pesticide network.

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