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The house is just waterproof, foaming, different shades, cracking, how to deal with it? Tell us about the reasons and solutions today:

First, the bond with the base layer is not strong

Specific phenomenon: the coating and the base layer are not sticky or foaming or insufficient adhesion


1, the grassroots must be cleaned up

2, check the strength of the base layer, no sanding, peeling, loosening

3, water-soluble paint must not have clear water

4, solvent-based coating base layer must be dry

5, the first coating must use the primer

Second, the thickness is uneven

Specific phenomenon: uneven thickness after coating film formation


1. The base layer must be level and free of holes.

2, must be divided into live when painting

3, the consistency of the paint is adjusted according to the time and place

Third, start

Specific phenomenon: there is bismuth in the paint. After the film is applied, the film contains small particles.


1. Do not use paint that has expired or used after mixing.

2. The two-component material is not stirred by manual or mechanical agitation. Pay attention to the mixing material.

3, use the unclean bucket to stir, pay attention to the cleaning of the mixing tank

4, the ratio is not correct, it should be correctly matched

Fourth, paint stratification

Specific phenomenon: stratification of the coating film after film formation, or foaming between coatings


1. In the process of film formation, the cleaning is not in place before each construction.

2, the previous waterproof film has not been completely dried

Fifth, the drying speed is slow

The specific reason: because the one-component acrylic coating is formed by evaporation of water, high humidity, low temperature environment, hindering the moisture in the coating.

Volatilization, so the drying speed is slower


1. Strengthen indoor ventilation conditions to be more conducive to water

2, the use of thin coating and multi-layer brushing method is more conducive to the evaporation of water. During the construction, it must be waited until each coating film is dried.

Brush the next time

3, use cement-based paint for construction, or use other waterproof coatings

6. After the waterproof construction is completed, the film cracking problem

specific reason:

1, the base layer is not cleaned, there is a lot of floating soil

2. Once the coating is too thick, the uneven evaporation of water during the drying process of the coating leads to cracking of the coating film.

3, in the outdoor construction, the external conditions have strong winds and other weather, easily lead to cracking


1. Remove the base layer floating soil before construction, treat the base layer with the primer coating, and adopt the method of multiple times of thin coating.

2, avoid windy weather in the outdoor construction

Seven, waterproof coating into bean curd

The specific reason: the amount of water added to the paint is too large, causing the liquid and powder of the paint to separate, and the powder sinks, like the bean curd

Control measures: control the amount of water added, strictly in accordance with the product instructions for the ratio.

General Purpose Powder-Actuated System is used for building fastening, which have three parts: Actuated tools, Cartridges and fasteners. When Actuated tool strikes cartridge and cartridge will explode in the inner of tools and produce a lot of high temperature and high pressure gas. The gas will push the piston and the piston will push the fasteners into the basement. Or the gas will push the fasteners directly into the basement. Like this, we can fix a lot of things into concrete and steel basement tightly. 

The fundamental is as the following:

General Purpose Powder-Actuated Systems

The Actuated tools are classified for direct tools and undirect tools, we can also called high velocity and Low velocity tool, the fundamental is as the following:

High velocity tool:

 Powder-Actuated Systems

Low velocity tool:

Powder-Actuated Systems

Based on different purpose, Cartridges are classified for different calibers and dimensions. The usual caliber and dimension is as the following:






At the same time, each caliber cartridge is classified for different specification based on the quantity of inner powder, which is marked by different color. when the color is more darker, the power level is stronger. otherwise, the power lever is lighter.


The fasteners are classified for different categories. Each different category is classified for different specification based on different length and diameter. At the same time, it is  can also be re-designed based on special use.


The packages are as the following:

1. Tools: one tool/ plastic box/carton or five boxes/carton

2.Cartridge: 100pcs/paper or plastic box, 100boxes/carton.

3. Fasteners: 100pcs/paper box, XX boxes/carton.

For shipment, all cartons will packed by pallet.

General Purpose Powder-Actuated Systems

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