As technology advances, a variety of factories have entered our field of vision, so a phenomenon that is caused by the current water pollution problem is particularly serious. So this time, a lot of manufacturers will be able to produce some products that can use sewage, such as sewage source heat pump air conditioning is one of them, then the sewage source heat pump air conditioning what are the advantages? Sewage source heat pump air conditioning sewage source heat pump air conditioning - significant environmental benefits Primary sewage source heat pump is the use of urban waste heat as a source of heat and heat for energy conversion heating and air conditioning systems, sewage through the heat transfer equipment to leave the cold or heat to return to the trunk of the sewage, sewage and other equipment or systems do not touch the sewage closed loop , Do not pollute the environment with other equipment or water systems. The heating system eliminates the need for coal, gas, oil and other boiler room system, there is no combustion process to avoid exhaust pollution; cooling water tower eliminates the need for cooling towers to avoid noise and mold pollution. No waste, waste water, waste gas and smoke are generated, and environmental benefits are remarkable. Sewage source heat pump air conditioning - efficient winter, the sewage body temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature, so the heat pump cycle evaporation temperature increases, energy efficiency also increased. The change of urban sewage water volume is mainly the change of domestic sewage, while the domestic sewage effluent quantity basically remains unchanged. The summer water temperature is lower than the ambient air temperature, so the cooling condensation temperature decreases, making the cooling effect is better than the air-cooled and cooling towers, unit efficiency. Sewage source heat pump air-conditioning - stable unit operation Water temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, the scope of its fluctuation is much smaller than the air changes, is a good source of heat pump heat pump and air conditioning, water temperature characteristics of a more constant, making the heat pump operation More reliable, stable, but also to ensure the system's efficiency and economy. There is no air source heat pump in winter defrost and other difficult issues. Sewage source heat pump air conditioning - a multi-purpose machine This heat pump system can be heating, air conditioning, a multi-purpose machine, a system can replace the original boiler plus air conditioning two sets of devices or systems. Urban sewage heat pump air-conditioning system uses urban sewage, winter heat heating, summer heat cooling, heat supply year-round hot water supply, the summer air-conditioning season can be implemented part of the free domestic hot water supply. A system of winter and summer, to achieve triple for the sewage water source heat pump air conditioning - energy-saving sewage source heat pump sewage heat together with the heat pump unit itself generates heat transfer to the room, energy efficiency up to 4.5-6.0, energy efficiency is electric heating 3 -4 times, compared with the air source heat pump, the sewage source heat pump has lower condensing temperature in summer and higher evaporating temperature in winter, the energy efficiency ratio and coefficient of performance are greatly improved, and the operating condition is stable, which can save 30% -40% of the operation of the traditional central air conditioner Expenses.According to the name of the sewage source heat pump air conditioning we can see that the sewage source heat pump air conditioner is the use of sewage as the power source, it is very good for the treatment of sewage, but also to avoid the impact of sewage on our environment, of course, from the above Introduction, we can also clearly see that the advantages of sewage source heat pump air conditioning is very large. Further Reading: Pumps Valves pipe fittings Exhibition 2016 Exhibition of Information Industry, Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / micro-channel :) (service hotline:)

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