1. The best method for the reliable operation and longevity of the solenoid valve for regular maintenance of 1-2 years per year. The following four conditions inside the solenoid valve are the reasons that hinder the normal operation of the solenoid valve and shorten the life.

1. The medium changes during use

2, rust inside the takeover

3, the oil oxidation of the air compressor produces carbon particles, tar and other impurities mixed into the pipeline

4. There are dust, dirt and other impurities in the pipeline.

2. When the solenoid valve is installed or put into operation after long-term deactivation, it must pass through the medium and try to operate several times. It can be put into use after normal operation.

3. When the steam valve is put into operation after being deactivated for a long time, it should be drained after condensing water for several times. It can be put into use after normal operation.

4. The solenoid valve must be cut off before the maintenance and the medium pressure is removed.

5. The coil assembly should not be disassembled.

6. After disassembling and cleaning, all kinds of parts and components should be restored in the original order.

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