The Spring Festival is approaching, and everyone is ready to welcome the arrival of the cleaning. There are many kitchen utensils in the kitchen, such as various large knives, large shovel shovel, and even small tools for filtering water. If there is no regular storage, it will be a mess in the kitchen. When cooking, there will be situations where you can't find the tools, the dust in the corners, the fumes on the kitchen bricks, and whether there are a lot of sundries. Let you upset? Here are some convenient and efficient cleaning methods for your reference.

Kitchen cleaning should not be underestimated

Kitchen cleaning can be said to be the focus of home cleaning. Because the kitchen has a lot of fumes, it is very difficult to clean. The most annoying thing is the tiles covered with soot. Don't worry, there is a trick that can help you get it done efficiently. First cover the paper towel on the tile, spray the detergent for about 5 minutes, then tear off the paper towel, wipe it with a clean cloth and wipe it with water for one or two times. The gap between the tiles can be wiped with a waste toothbrush 蘸 cleaner, which is very useful!

After cleaning the kitchen tiles, let's take a look at the cleaning method of the range hood. Soak the oil tank in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes, and extend it for 10 minutes depending on the situation. After soaking, wash it with warm water, wipe with a rag, and a clean and fresh range hood is born.

Wall shelf storage

The shelf has a wide range of applications and is suitable for households with large cabinet walls, which are strong in storage and flexible. When preparing food, it is easy to put down the lid, but it is a problem. The lid at high temperature is placed on the table without being hygienic. If you are inadvertently, you may burn yourself. The requirement for the lid holder is that it is convenient to place and safe to take, and a wall hanging lid shelf may be able to help you.

When using metal shelf, the material requirements are not rust or rust, otherwise it will not only be unsightly after being stained with water, but also easy to rust. It is very troublesome to use. It is recommended to use high quality stainless steel or space aluminum.

Hanging rod storage is convenient and fast

Under the cabinet, you can directly attach the storage tool, which is suitable for storing common kitchen tools, dishes and spices, so that it is convenient to take things while cooking. If you are traveling or if you are away from home for a long time, you should put all kinds of tools into the cabinet to prevent dust.

When you cook at home, you will use a lot of beautifully shaped dishes. At this time, you can choose some literary storage racks to store them. It is not only practical but also easy to display, and add some emotion to your own kitchen. If you have beautiful dishes, cups, etc. in your home, you can show them. Looking at the beautiful things, the cooking mood is also getting better. Author: Jiang Ying

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