Stone is widely used as a flooring material, and noble, elegant, and light-decorating decorative effects are deeply loved by people. The seamless processing of stone is the most basic job of stone care. The stone is seamlessly treated and divided into wall treatment and ground treatment, and the ground treatment is the most used. This is actually a scientific name. It also has a minor name. Many people also call it "cutting glue", which is almost the same thing. Although this work is ordinary, there are many details in the ordinary. As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. But how can we find the details? We can only rely on our exploration of the most ordinary work.

Stone seamless processing concept

In the overall grinding of stone, the use of mechanical tools to clean the cut between the stone, and then use repair glue to fill in, so that the stone to form an overall effect, to avoid gap pollution, improve the quality of decoration, this process, known as the stone seamless Processing.

The stone is seamless, divided into wall treatment and floor treatment, and the ground treatment is the most used.

Stone seamless processing, solve the problem

The seamless processing of the ground stone is an essential step in the overall grinding. Seamless treatment can solve the following problems in stone applications:

1, prevent the gap pollution

If the stone is not treated seamlessly, in the daily use, the gap between the plates becomes a place where filth is accumulated, and a large amount of dust and mud are retained. On the other hand, the water in daily cleaning will also stay in the gaps and work together with all kinds of pollutants to cause many follow-up problems such as stone pollution and pathological changes.

2. Functional requirements

In daily use, if the material is not seamlessly processed, the stone is rolled and bumped by heavy objects, and it is prone to problems such as cracking, missing corners, and missing corners. Through the seamless treatment, the stone is effectively protected.

3, decorative needs

On the one hand, seamless stone processing can make a large area of ​​stone to form an overall effect. It also lays a good foundation for subsequent crystal polishing. On the other hand, the pollution caused by the gaps in the sheet is reduced. These are of great significance to the improvement of the quality of stone decoration.


Stone seamless processing type

In daily work, we generally make the seamless processing of stone into a seamless effect. But this is just one of the ways to deal with it. In general, there are three basic methods for seamless stone processing:

1, the overall treatment

The marble glue is adjusted to be close to the color of the stone, and the gap is filled to fill in, thereby forming the effect that the stone body and the color of the gap are basically the same. The visual effect is: There is no obvious difference between the crevices and the color of the stone. It is a completed whole in the distance.

This is also the most common treatment.

2, grid processing

The seamless processing can also modulate the color of the marble glue into a darker or lighter color than the stone itself, and visually present a grid effect. At present, the domestic flooring stone seamless processing methods use integrated treatment effects. However, in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States and other stone use areas, designers often use the grid effect, highlighting the style.

3, beautiful sewing processing

It can be filled with gap sealants, or similar materials, and blended into the gaps of the stone. It plays a role of filling, sealing and antifouling. It is also called “sewage processing” and it is also a kind of seamless stone processing.

However, this treatment method is more suitable for matt surface, rough surface stone. However, on smooth stone, the overall effect is not very good. On the other hand, the adhesive strength and antifouling effect of the sealant is not as good as that of marble adhesive.


Stone seamless construction process

1. Clean the original filler between the stone gaps first, and then use a special stone sewing machine to re-cut the slits in the original stone installation so that the width difference between the stone gaps is minimized, and then close to the stone The color of marble glue fills it. (Note: It is not necessary to reopen the seam if the seam has been previously treated).

2. Use a marble adhesive that is close to the color of the stone itself and apply the perfect color to the marble adhesive to make it fully approximate the color of the original stone to improve the overall feeling and achieve the best visual effect.

3, will adjust the good marble glue to fill, because the marble glue completely cured after a certain degree of contraction, it should make the marble glue slightly higher than the stone level, so that will not be repeated filling.

4. Polished and polished fillers are used to make the stone become a horizontal surface, increase the overall sense of the stone, and solve the gap between the gaps, to prevent the gap back to black again. Using a granite refurbished machine with a special cut-out grinding piece, the cut-out bit is carefully polished to make it a plane with the stone.

5. Grinding and Polishing: Use special granite polishing machine to grind the stone from coarse to fine from 50-3000 stone water-grinding disc, resulting in bright and smooth ground surface.

6. Crystallization treatment: Stone crystal powder and crystallization agent are used to polish with crystal face grinding machine, and under the pressure of grinding, let stone and crystal powder react under the effect of high temperature to form a layer of dense and hard crystalline protective layer. . After crystallization can enhance the color and brightness, but also to achieve anti-skid, waterproof, anti-oil and other effects.

Editor's summary: The above is the latest material for the seamless treatment of stone: The stone becomes the preferred choice for luxury homes. After the above process, the gap will have a very good brightness, and the stone color is very close to it. The overall feeling is very strong. And, due to the stain resistance, water resistance, and oxidation resistance of marble adhesive, no black seam will be produced.

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