Herbicide characteristics

1. Glyphosate herbicide: It has systemic conductivity and has a greater killing effect on weed roots, and has a long-lasting effect.

2, no trace herbicide: contact herbicide, no systemic, can kill the weeds on the ground green, small damage to the roots, short duration, due to root survival, is conducive to the soil and water conservation of tea gardens;

Herbicide selection criteria

1. Glyphosate herbicide: The tea plantation has a flat terrain, and there are more weeds in the annual weeds or grasses, and it is not suitable for the tea gardens that do not need to keep the grass.

2. Gram-free herbicides: For the high landscape of the tea plantation, it is required to pay attention to soil and water conservation, to keep the grass and keep a small ecological environment.

How to use herbicides:

1The number of uses; according to the morning and evening of the occurrence period of tea garden weeds, it can be roughly divided into two categories: spring (before June) and summer grass (after July). The number of spraying is generally 1-2 times a year, if spring grass and summer grass More can be sprayed once in mid-May and late July. If there are few weeds, you can spray once in July.

2 use technology: spraying herbicide must be uniform, spraying time is not suitable for weeds without dew, 12 hours after spraying can not meet the rain, otherwise, need to re-spray. Glyphosate and gram-free have a great influence on the tea garden. If it is sprayed on the tree, it will cause the dead branches of the tea tree, dead trees or the leaves of the next year to grow in the shape of willow. Therefore, when spraying liquid.

The use of herbicides requires attention:

1, there is wind can not spray;

2. Try not to use a motorized sprayer instead of a knapsack sprayer;

3. Install a plastic bowl at the sprayer nozzle to ensure a directional spray. It is strictly forbidden to spray the liquid onto the tea branches, stems and leaves.

The above are the standards and precautions for selecting herbicides in tea gardens. For more information, please pay attention to China Pesticide Net.

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