Leather sofa because of its high-grade atmosphere design and quality of quality to feel a lot of people's favorite, but many people can not tell the leather and imitation leather, many leather sofas which use fake leather posing as leather, but also useful semi leather posing full leather . Do you know the difference between a full leather sofa and a half leather sofa ? The following Bailey furniture Xiaobian will introduce the difference between full leather sofa and half leather sofa .


The difference between full leather and half leather

The leather sofas currently on the market are mainly leather sofas and main leather sofas (half leather sofas). The national light industry standard for upholstered sofas stipulates that all-leather sofas refer to the bottoms of sofa seats and all use natural animal leather-covered sofas; the main parts of leather sofas refer to sofa seats, backrests, backrests, and the inner side of handrails. On the armrests, sofas covered with natural animal leather are used. Due to the extremely high cost of the full-leather sofa and its practical useless significance, most sofas currently sold in the market are leather sofas unless it is specifically stipulated that the sofa needs to be fully covered. The two materials used in different areas, the price is naturally a lot of difference.


How to distinguish between full leather sofa and leather sofa

Hand touch: The leather surface is touched by hand. If it feels smooth, soft, plump, and elastic, it is leather. Generally, the artificial and synthetic leather surface is astringent, rigid, and poor in softness. At the same time, due to the surface coating, the breathability is poor.

Seeing: The dermis is pure natural, the surface is concave and convex with clearer pores and patterns, and the yellow leather has well-proportioned fine pores.

Odor: All the leather has the smell of leather; artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic taste due to artificial spraying.

Lighting: After the fiber is lit, the pungent odor that forms the enamel is artificial leather; the skin that emits the odor of hair.

Endurance: Artificial leather used for a certain number of years is easy to fade, easy to weather it off or even break, and leather does not have this defect.

The above is the introduction of the difference between a full-leather sofa and a half-leather sofa. The state has no clear rules for the proportion of leather in a half-leather sofa. It is simply to specify that the human body should be in contact with the skin. How much cowhide can be used in an actual sofa depends on the sincerity of the manufacturers to consumers. When buying a leather sofa, you can't just listen to the introduction of the merchant, or you should use actual materials. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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