In this age of skyrocketing housing prices, Nanzhong was helpless and had no choice but to choose a small apartment. However, the sparrow is small and fully-equipped. When a small apartment is renovated, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom are all available. Buying a house has already cost a lot of money. How can you decorate and decorate it well? Xiao Bian today recommended a small apartment renovation of the way to save money.

Calculate and do it again, in strict accordance with the budget

Many consumers always feel that the money is not enough to use when decorating, and why? Many times, because there are many new ideas in the decoration, waste of materials also increases the amount of construction. Therefore, when it comes to decoration, it is necessary to make a good budget, how much money to do, how to do it, and construction in strict accordance with the budget.

1, decoration materials to seize large items of expenditure

When purchasing materials, we must seize the expenses of large projects such as floors, tiles, wall paint, kitchens, and kitchens, furniture, etc. According to our own economic conditions, we must be aware that we should not buy a good one.

2, be considered good again

Whether it is the purchase of materials or the start of renovation, it is better to do it again than to do it again. If you make changes while you are doing it, your mind will be innumerable, and you will often be overspending and you will not be able to save.

First and foremost, money is spent on the blade

When many people are decorating, their heads are unclear, and they all want to live in their own homes. They must be high-end decoration, and regardless of whether the space is aesthetically pleasing or practical, it is only when they finally check out that they find that they are overspending. In fact, for home decoration, it is like wearing clothes. There must be a distinction between primary and secondary.

1, different spaces have different degrees of decoration

The living room is the main activity space in the home life, and it can best reflect the grade of the home. Therefore, great efforts and funds are required for the decoration. The use of kitchen and space is strong, and the cost of this part is also infrequent. The pure and private bedroom may wish to be a little simpler.

2, to do most cheap, a small part of expensive

In the renovation, we must do most of the cheap, a small part of you expensive, like hardware accessories, lamps, jewelry, etc., The careful selection of these materials can not only make home life more comfortable, often can also play a finishing touch effect.

Small apartment renovation money decoration experience

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