Under the global trend of protecting the environment and saving energy, the technicians of Shanghai Huisheng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a special high-frequency induction welding machine for refrigeration household appliances pipelines for the welding process of the refrigeration industry, and obtained many patents, refrigeration household appliances pipeline The advent of welding special welding machines has greatly improved the production efficiency of white goods manufacturers, and is a revolutionary innovation in pipeline welding technology.

The high-frequency induction welding machine is an induction heating device that connects two metals of the same material or different materials by inducing a current to heat the solder to a certain temperature to melt the solder.

The high frequency induction heating is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the high frequency and large current flow direction is wound into a heating coil of a ring shape or other shape. Thereby, a strong magnetic flux whose polarity changes instantaneously is generated in the coil, and a heated substance such as a metal is placed in the coil, and the magnetic flux penetrates the entire heated substance, and a large vortex is generated in a direction opposite to the heating current inside the heated substance. The electric current generates Joule heat due to the electric resistance in the material to be heated, so that the temperature of the substance itself rises rapidly by the heat generated by the eddy current in the workpiece. It has high heating efficiency, high speed, good controllability, and easy to achieve high temperature and local heating.

Welding process of high-frequency welding machine: The surface-cleaned workpieces are assembled together in a lap type, and the solder is placed near the joint gap or between the joint gaps. When the workpiece and the solder are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (the workpiece is not melted) and is sucked into and filled with the gap between the solid workpieces by capillary action, and the liquid solder and the workpiece metal mutually diffuse and dissolve. Form a welded joint.

The main heating methods of the high-frequency welding machine are soldering iron heating, flame heating, resistance heating, induction heating, immersion heating and furnace heating. High-frequency welding machines often use a variety of techniques in welding, mainly according to the equipment used and the working principle. If it is divided by heat source, there are infrared, electron beam, laser, plasma, glow discharge welding, etc.; according to the working process, there are contact reaction welding and diffusion welding. Contact-reaction soldering is the use of solder to react with the parent metal to form a liquid-filled joint gap. Diffusion welding is to increase the thermal insulation diffusion time, so that the weld bead and the base material are sufficiently homogenized to obtain the same joint performance as the base material. Almost all of the heating heat sources can be used as a welding heat source, and the welding is classified accordingly.

Disadvantages of traditional welding:

High skill requirements for welding workers, and welding is difficult to master

High welding costs and solder consumption based on personal experience

Welding temperature is based solely on personal experience

A large amount of exhaust gas generated during the welding process is harmful to the human body

There are safety hazards in the storage, transportation and use of acetylene and liquefied gas, which are flammable and explosive.

Advantages of high frequency welding machine:

Simple training: the welding method is simple to master and the skills of the welding workers are low. Ordinary workers can be properly welded after simple training and short-term practice.

Safe use: instead of flame welding, the storage, storage, and use of liquefied gases are eliminated, and safety hazards at all levels are removed.

Save solder: Quantify the use of solder and flux to avoid artificial waste according to process requirements

Strong versatility: through the conversion of equipment functions, copper copper pipe, copper steel pipe, steel steel pipe can be combined and welded, and the versatility is strong.

Time controllable: welding time can be adjusted according to capacity and process requirements.

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form fuming liquid
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