All want to decorate the house perfectly, but in fact it is so easy. So, in order to find a more suitable decoration style, you may wish to look at other people's decoration case. For example, if you want to know how to decorate a family of four, you can look at their home.

â–² After selecting white as the main color of the home, it is necessary to unify the color of the entire home space. From the wall to the furniture, cloth, and even doors and lighting equipment can be the best color, so as to achieve a more overall visual effect. Wall decoration paintings on the wall are easy and easy to produce. However, it should be noted that although the white sofa looks good, the biggest drawback is that it is not resistant to dirt and requires frequent cleaning.

â–² I feel that the white walls are too monotonous, but also to achieve the consistency of home color, you can choose this wallpaper with a special pattern. The colors are elegant and soft, complementing the entire space; they show a winter forest-like natural picture, allowing the home space to be instantly full of vitality.

â–² Do not ignore the role of ornaments, some people may feel that plants or flowers in the home are optional, but their role is unique. Put a glass vase on the dining table, insert a few flower branches, and there will be fresh vitality in the space immediately. In the corner of the restaurant, a picture of the guitar and a country road on the wall was echoed. It seemed that the melody of the folk ballad was brought into the home.

â–² If the interior space is all of the same color, it will inevitably be fatigued. It is possible to distinguish functional areas with furniture of different colors and materials. For example, a white fabric sofa is used in the living room, and the restaurant uses rough wooden tables and chairs to make the temperament of the two regions different. The white and wood colors are also very wild colors. Will violate the peace.

â–² Come to the children's room, taking into account that the children's aesthetic preferences in the growing process will change, the wall does not do too complicated processing, just use cloth to emphasize color, light pink bedding and carpet to the girls Saying it would be appropriate, using the bed to meet the sleep of the two children is also a way to save space.

â–² A group of large-capacity entrance cabinets can meet the needs of a family of four, and each family member's coats and shoes can be stored separately to facilitate the family's life.

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