Thousands exhibited a fuel cell temperature visualization system

Chino Corporation (CHINO) has developed a system for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that do not use platinum catalysts to visualize the temperature distribution on the surface of the unit, and at the 2015 System Control Exhibition/2015 Tokyo Measurement Fair "Exhibited on the show.

The temperature distribution on the surface of the fuel cell unit is important because uneven temperature distribution affects the life and reliability of the fuel cell. On the surface of the unit, chemical reactions that reduce the temperature and power generation that increases the temperature occur simultaneously. Hydrogen-induced chemical reactions produce water, which causes the temperature to drop, and the current generated by the power generation increases the temperature. This easily leads to uneven temperature distribution on the cell surface. Stress occurs at different temperatures, which may shorten the unit life and reduce reliability.

Chino developed a clamping device that sandwiches the fuel cell unit between heat-resistant sapphire glass and placed it in the furnace. The temperature distribution can be observed with a thermal imager outside the furnace.

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