It is because of the high frequency of use of ceramic tiles that a wide variety of ceramic tiles have been introduced on the market. However, too many types of products will only make consumers dazzled because they do not know how to recognize the quality of ceramic tiles. Today Xiaobian will give you recognition techniques for ceramic tiles . Let's take a look.

Tile recognition method 1, detection of water absorption

The water absorption rate of a tile is a factor that reflects the hardness of a tile, but it does not mean that the lower the water absorption rate of a tile, the better. When purchasing, we can pour the water on the front and back of the tile first, and then carefully observe the penetration of the water. If you buy the polished tile, the water is sucked in immediately, indicating that the tile you selected is Inferior; otherwise, it is a good tile.

Tile recognition method 2, weight

The weight of enamel tiles is also a major criterion for identifying the quality of tiles. The same specifications and high density bricks are relatively heavy, which indicates that the quality of the products is good; on the contrary, the quality of the products is lighter.

Tile recognition method 3, detection flatness

Everyone should first observe the flatness of the surface of the tile when they buy it. After confirmation, the decoration master can perform the construction operation, so as to avoid the aesthetic problems caused by the problems of the tiles, and to avoid the master from pushing the problem of his craft to the ceramic tile problem.

Tile recognition method 4, see stain resistance

The tiles in the common room will accompany us for a long time, but if the tiles are dirty and not easy to clean, it is estimated that you will feel very annoyed for a long time, and you can't wait to repaint these tiles. In fact, only a few characters or a few drops of ink should be written on the surface of the tile, and wait a short while to see if it is easy to wash off. If you still have ink after cleaning, it is recommended that you choose another tile as well.

Tile recognition method 5, test wear resistance

Nowadays, the ceramic tile has undergone a series of transformations in terms of wear resistance. Whether it is polished tiles, microcrystalline stones, full polished glazes, antique tiles and the like, there is a qualitative leap to judge whether the surface is wearable. We only need to Pick up the knife or key in the hand and scrape it to the surface of the tile to see if it will scrape off the glaze on the surface of the tile. If even such a small scratch can't bear it, then this tile is definitely not wearable.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the small make up can be from 5 aspects to identify the good or bad ceramic tiles , hoping to play a role in helping everyone's choice. Because the tiles are not bought properly, they not only cost more money, but also cause many troubles in the future, and they also waste time. Therefore, the purchase of tiles should be very cautious.

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