As the main channel connecting the floors above and below, the stairs play an important role. Practical, beautiful, and meeting the space requirements are all necessary elements for customizing the stairs. When customizing, select materials according to space and budget, select styles based on actual area, accurately plan the dimensions of the stairs, and make adequate safety measures for the stairs so that the stairs can be beautiful and practical. Follow the small series together to understand the precautions of custom stairs.

First, choose more materials for stairs

The staircases that we see are usually wood, stone, glass, etc. Stairs of different materials create different styles.

Wooden stairs : Wooden stairs are the most commonly seen in daily life. Wooden materials are natural, texture is natural, foot feeling is good, and colors are soft, making the home more warm and elegant. Wooden stairs are suitable for Chinese style, minimalist style and rustic country style home.

Marble Stairs : Marble Stairs are generally suitable for use in villas. Stones give people a feeling of atmosphere and rigidity. Some European and classical style large villas prefer to use marble stairs.

Glass Stairs : Glass is both stylish and easy to clean, and in some homes with a sense of design, this glass staircase is common. This material can give the space a sense of transparency, conducive to lighting, with lighting effects, glass stairs can become a home decoration.

Second, a variety of stairs layout to see space

Stairs are not just a simple connection from bottom to top, it comes in many forms. Straight staircases, corner staircases, curved stairs, spiral stairs, etc. Different stairs are suitable for spaces of different areas and styles.

Straight-line stairs : Straight-line stairs are very common in previous home furnishings. With the flexible changes in the structure and space of homes, straight-line stairs have rarely been seen in modern homes. However, the safety performance of the straight staircase is unmatched by other types of stairs. With the elderly and children in the family, if the conditions permit, the straight staircase is the best choice.

Corner Stairs : The most common stairway for a duplex apartment is a corner staircase. It can make full use of the limited space to complete the connection of two floors, and the stairs allow for a better vertical symmetry of the space and a good separation of the visual space.

Curved staircases : Curved staircases are mostly used in villas and have enough space to allow the stairs to sway with an elegant and smooth curve.

Spiral Stairs : An optional stair is a staircase that rotates around a central axis. This type of staircase has a small footprint and does not depend on the walls. It has dynamic aesthetics, but is less secure and has a family of elderly and children. Need to be used with caution.

Double staircase staircase stairs decoration effect steel staircase double staircase decoration renderings

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Aluminum Swimming Pool Fence rust free aluminium panels,gates and posts are made from aluminium and designed specifically for pool surrounds.

Rails are 38 x 25mm with 16mm pickets passing through the rails and welded in 6 points.Panels are manufactured to 1200mm high.

Panel widths are 2400mm and 3000mm or we can manufacture to size if required.Gates have a standard width of 970mm to suit a 1000mm opening, or we can manufacture to size to suit your opening.

What`s more, we can design and produce according to your drawings and requirement

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